Monday, December 31, 2012

Old Navy Adventures!

I recently got an opportunity to check out Old Navy's active wear via the Old Navy Style Council on Crowdtap! Since I needed to write a bit about my experience for them, I thought I'd share it here, too!

The closest Old Navy to me is about 45 miles away, so I don't get to shop there very often! I did some pre-shopping on their website, so I'd have some idea of what to look for when I got there! The coupon I was sent was good for one top and one bottom (the phrase "active bottoms" makes me giggle), so I checked out pretty much all of the active wear available.

After some poking around online, I was pretty sure that I wanted this tank top:
Women's Active GoDRY Tanks

It looked comfy and I loved the color.

My top pick for pants were the boot cut yoga pants:

Women's Boot-Cut Yoga Pants

Let's just say that's kiiiiinda not how things turned out!

I met up with my friend Christa for the shopping trip, since they were generous enough to send me coupons for a friend to get an outfit, too! The only down side of this trip was that we were at a major shopping mall on the Saturday RIGHT before Christmas. Needless to say, the place was a little crazy!

If you haven't yet watched my Vlogmas Day 22 video, it includes some of our shopping adventures! (The Old Navy part starts at about 4 minutes in, if you don't want to watch all of my babbling on about random things.)

(Oh, my, what an attractive screenshot that video has.)

Anyway, we found the active wear department after some poking around, but it had almost none of the items that I remembered from my browsing on the official site! I was mostly super confused by the pants. There were all sorts of high-tech looking pants for various forms of exercise, and I just kind of stared at them like "What are you supposed to DO?" All I really wanted was either a pair of simple, comfy yoga pants or something akin to leggings. Instead I was faced with a confusing mass of running pants with crazy seams and features I didn't understand. It was confusing, y'all!

Here's what we ended up with:

Sorry for the not-so-great photo quality! We both snapped pics on our phones, and this was the better of the two. Next time I'll bring an actual camera! (And yes, I am TOTALLY barefooting it Britney Spears style.)

My exact jacket is no longer pictured on the site, but they have several other colors still available:
Women's Active Compression Jackets
I really like this purple, I wish the store would have had it! I like my blue, too, though.

So, now that I'm reading the info about this jacket online, I've discovered that it's a "compression jacket", but I still have zero idea what that whole compression thing is about. I picked out a size Large, which is pretty loose everywhere but my boobs, so there's no compression going on, anyway. If you ignore that I'm not using it for its intended use, it's still a pretty snazzy jacket. It's already come in handy during a quick trip to the grocery store when it wasn't quite cold enough for an actual coat. I love the fact that it has thumb holes, even though I find them irritating to actually use. (I'm sensitive about having stuff around my thumbs!) I also REALLY love that there are not only the pockets you see pictured on the outside, but little pockets inside (in pretty much the same spot), too! Those would be great for tucking your car keys and maybe wallet into if you're going for a jog/hike/whatever. That would also be awesome if you're vacationing somewhere that pickpockets are a problem!

I spent an embarrassingly long time staring at the pants on the Old Navy site, trying to find an "official" photo of mine, but I couldn't figure out which ones mine were. I finally felt less dumb when I realized that my pants are no longer on the site. (Weird, yes?) All the tags on mine tell me are that they are "Always Moving Slim Fit Pants". Mine are a charcoal grey color, and sort of a boot cut. They're kind of like if spandex and sweatpants had a baby- thicker than most of my yoga/dance pants, but still easy to move in.

My friend got a pair of the "compression leggings", which she said took FOREVER to put on. Maybe putting the pants on is supposed to be part of the workout? I believe her jacket is one of the "Active Zip Windbreakers", like this one:

Women's Active Zip Windbreakers

I wish I'd taken better notes about hers now, but I expected to be able to pull it up online when I got home. But like mine, her exact style/color is nowhere to be found.

Still, it was fun to check out all of the active wear, both in store and online. (Trying to match the things I found in the store TO the items online was significantly less fun. Sorry for the lack of many visual aids!) I really like the jacket I got, and although I'm yet to really put the pants to use yet, I'm sure they'll come in handy, too!

I also tried on this t-shirt, which was on sale for $4, but didn't like the fit enough to actually buy it:

If you watched the video, you saw that the real star of the shopping trip was the AWESOME pair of earrings I found! We never even knew Old Navy had jewelry, so those were a surprising find. I tried to find a pic of them on Old Navy's site while I was there, but they don't seem to even acknowledge that their jewelry exists. (Seriously, you guys. The "Accessories" section of the site lists hats, scarves, etc, but NO jewelry! The amazing Yeti hat I tried on in the video is also nowhere to be found online!)

So, what did I learn from all of this? 1) Exercise pants are super confusing. 2) Putting on said exercise pants may possibly count as your entire workout. 3) Their jackets are pretty rad, though. 4) If you find something you like in the store, you're probably better off buying it there, because judging by my experience, your chances of finding it online a week later are slim to none. 5) The opposite of that, too, since almost none of the things I liked online were in my store! 6) Old Navy earrings may or may not exist. But mine are amazing! 7) I hope I get to do another one of these Old Navy Style Council things in the future, because this was a lot of fun! And I definitely learned a lot in terms of how to approach it next time.

So there ya go! Definitely a little out of my comfort zone in terms of the types of fashions I usually post about here, but probably timely since I know a lot of people will do the whole "Get in shape" resolution for next year, which I am pretty sure involves shopping for cute things to wear!

If you want to sign up for Crowdtap so that you have the chance to do future events like this, just click here! (I wasn't paid for this post, I just got the 2 coupons for free outfits. And I wasn't required to blog about it, but I figured that since I needed to write a review of my experience for them anyway, I might as well share it with you guys, too!)

Now, who can explain this whole "compression" thing to me? Or am I better off not knowing? Also- who wants to take a poll on how many people use their "active" wear more for lounging around the house than anything else?

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