Monday, January 21, 2013

Feeling Stuck

Do you guys ever feel totally stuck? Like, no matter how much you feel like you're doing, you don't seem to get anywhere?

I've been trying to clean/organize Casa Crystal for weeks now, but I feel like it looks totally the same. I did finally make a pretty decent dent in the stack of magazines I hadn't even gotten around to flipping through yet, but those have now been sitting atop my bookcase (waiting to be donated) for about two weeks now. I've also been trying to tackle my giant stash of clothes to be altered, but I never seem to finish those projects. I get off to a great start, do about 70% of the work, and then get distracted by something else. I need to suck it up and actually finish some!

I think there's some kind of fear when it comes to finishing projects, especially if you have perfectionist tendencies (like I do!). What if I DO finish, and don't like it all that much? So silly, but I think that plays a part in it. It's especially sad because some of the pieces I'm working on right now are REALLY cute! I just can't wear them because they still need more work.

I've also been trying to pare down my possessions. Everything I still have when it's time to move is something that has to get packed up and shipped halfway across the country, and then carried up (probably) three flights of stairs to its new home, which is pretty much guaranteed to be at least 300 sq ft smaller than where I live now. Plus, having too much stuff just feels draining. I don't want to become a minimalist by any means- I like having dozens of eyeliners to choose from- I just want a little less of the stuff that isn't really important to me.

I wasn't raised with that idea of every item having a specific place to go, so there are so many homeless things that end up on the floor, on the desk, on random shelves of book cases, on the chair. I'm someone that likes the things that I use often right out in the open where I can grab them, so I know that tucking everything into hidden away boxes would never work for me.

Anyone else feeling a little stuck? Is it just this time of year?

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