Friday, January 18, 2013

Get awesome active wear at a great discount! Pv.body subscription review!

**NOTE- As of Feb '13, PV Body is now Ellie! You can find my review of the new offerings here!**

Earlier this month, I partnered up with a really fun active wear subscription site called pv.Body and became one of their ambassadors. For $49.95, you get one high quality top and one bottom in the mail each month. I'm obviously a big fan of clothes, but the main reason I thought this subscription service was so cool is that I think it's PERFECT motivation for all of the people who set a New Year's resolution to work out more or lose weight! I know that most people start the year out with the best of intentions, but then their efforts start to fizzle by February. What better motivation to go to the gym than receiving new workout clothes in the mail? Of course you're going to want to put them on and try them out, right? Getting cute new things to wear each month would be a great refresher for your motivation!

You could also use it as a tool to bribe yourself, like "If I make it to my yoga class twice a week every week this month, I get to order a new PV.Body box for next month!" Rewards are a great motivation to keep up with your goals, and treating yourself to new active wear is a much better way to keep yourself going than treating yourself to something not goal-related.

To get started, you take a quick quiz that asks questions about how you like to work out, along with your color and style preferences:

I love that they give you the chance to rule out certain colors and styles, since a lot of subscription box services don't offer that. It lets you keep the surprise of getting mystery items, but seriously reduces the chance you'll get something that's totally not you.

At the end of the quiz, you find out what your style profile is (I got "Fit Fashionista"). If you ever want to update your profile (for example, if you change sizes, or you start to feel like you own too many pairs of shorts and just want to get pants from now on), you can just retake the quiz and it will update your preferences.

My items arrived in a bright pink padded envelope, which was a fun touch.

Here's what was inside!

First, there was a pair of black American Apparel Performance Sportswear fitness pants. When I first pulled these out of the pink tissue paper they were wrapped in, I thought there was NO way they would fit- they looked so tiny! They ended up being fine though- thank goodness for stretchyness! They're 90% nylon, which means they breathe well, but the other 10% is elastane (aka spandex), so there's a good amount of stretch! I usually wear looser fitting pants, but these would be a perfect fit for something like a dance class where the instructor needs to be able to see exactly how your body is positioned and moving. Plus, they're comfortable! I wore mine around the house for a while after trying them on, and they never got annoying.

These are a little more high-waisted than I'd usually buy, but I do like that the high waist a) means no underwear (or worse, buttcrack!) peeking out when you bend over, and b) flattens your stomach a bit! No muffin top!

When I first put these on, I thought there was a flaw in the sewing on the waist band, but then I discovered that there are actually little pockets built in!

I love that I got a black pair, since those will go with anything! (I'm definitely more of a neutral pants, colorful top person!) The design is also basic enough that you could wear these with a normal outfit- they don't look out of place if you're not in a gym. There's no visible logo, like a lot of active wear brands like to stick on their clothes. The fitness pants retail for $48, so if you just bought these in the store, you'd already be spending what you'd spend on a pv.Body shipment!

Next, my top! I got this bright red cardio top from Lole, a company I'd never heard of. I have to admit that this isn't something I would normally pick out for myself, but I think that's part of the fun of a subscription service like this- you end up trying things that are a little outside of your comfort zone! (I did specifically request not I not receive a top with a built-in shelf bra, since I know so many workout tops have those, but they're never big enough for me.) I love the round neckline, since I'm not a fan of having fabric up around my neck, and the super stretchy fabric is really comfortable!

 The absolutely genius detail is the pocket on the back for your iPod! (I tested my BlackBerry in the pocket, and it fits, too!) The pocket is designed with a little top flap to keep the iPod from bouncing out, including a little spot in the flap where your earbuds can come out, too. LOVE that!

The fabric the top is made from is designed to be quick drying, and it wicks moisture away from your body. The only problem with the red top is that I have NO sneakers that even come close to matching it, and most totally clash. Thankfully most yoga classes are barefoot, and I have both jazz and ballet slippers that are black, so it still works! The top sells for $50, so between my two items there's a total $98 value! Sweet!

I put together a super quick video to give you a better look at the clothes!

Here are a few things I like about the pv body program:
*You can cancel or pause your subscription at any time, so if you only want to get snazzy things every few months, it's easy to change your subscription setting.

*I love the surprise factor! We live in an age where we rarely get anything fun in the mail, so getting a shiny pink package and not quite knowing what's inside is a LOT of fun!

*Even if a monthly subscription isn't in your budget, I think even getting one or two boxes is a great deal! It's way better in the long run to get one high quality outfit (at a major discount, in this case!) than to keep buying a bunch of not-so-great $10 items that you don't love and end up wearing out quickly.

*If something doesn't fit, you can return it to exchange it for a different item, or send your whole package back for a refund. That totally takes away worrying you'll get something you don't like!

In terms of improvement, I'd love to see them carry a wider range of sizes since they currently only offer xs through large. Even if they just added XL as an option, they'd increase the number of their potential subscribers by so much! It would also be great if they had a men's section, too. The company is still pretty new, though (they just started in September), so it's possible they'll expand their offerings as they grow.

If this sounds like something you'd like to check out, I have good news! If you sign up via my link, you'll get 20% off your first shipment! (That makes it $39.96, and you'll get clothes worth around $100!)

Have you ever tried out a subscription service like this? If you go check out the site, leave me a comment letting me know what you think, and what your style profile is if you take the quiz!

I received my items for free in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.


Krystle Smith said...

Really like how the personalize it to you! Thanks for the coupon code!

Alaina Bullock said...

What a great idea! I really like the how they personalize the items too! This would be a great way to reward myself for staying on goal with losing weight and exercising more! Thanks for the idea and review!