Friday, January 04, 2013

Random Update: Good and Bad

I haven't had much time to post about random life stuff lately, so here's what's up in a handy, dichotomous form!

Good: I am curled up in bed with my Bear Cat.
Bad: I've been in bed pretty much all day because my back and neck are out of whack and I can barely move.
Good: I'm reading a seriously awesome book! I'll post a "What I've been reading lately" soon!
Bad: It is freaking cold here, y'all.
Good: I heard from two companies yesterday that I am super excited to work with! Rad reviews ahead!
Bad: My chiropractor is still out of state for the holidays.
Good: My beloved thrift store bag sale is happening on Tuesday! Excited!
Bad: I kinda never finished Vlogmas. I'll still be vlogging in the future, but trying to do it EVERY day is so much harder than it looks!
Good: I got some freakishly adorable Christmas stuff on clearance at Wal-Mart for like 50 cents each, including 2 glittery dragonflies! (Why are dragonflies Christmas-y? Who knows, but I'm happy!)
More good: I love the feeling of a new year. Anything could happen this year!  Bring on the awesomeness!

Slightly terrifying:

These exist. I think we now know why 50% of marriages end in divorce. YIKES. 

Link I'm loving right now:
Nostomaniac is a blog I just came across that doesn't seem to have updated in like, fo-eva, but the archives are a hilarious use of a few hours of your time!

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