Tuesday, January 22, 2013

V-Day Sale!

As you might remember if you've read this blog for more than a year, I always make a point of buying myself something fun for Valentine's Day. I've been a little stuck when it comes to what to get this year! Last year I got a really gorgeous emerald green corset (I'm sooo a year ahead of the trends!), but there hasn't been a lot of new lingerie added to the inventory lately! (except for a couple of pairs of really cute panties, which I already ordered.) I might get what I intended to get last year, but didn't get around to because it went out of stock...

Celebrate it's a slice duo - Bath and shower gel

Celebrate: It's A Slice Duo – bath and shower gel
This is usually $29.99, so with the 20% off it would be $24. I have a mini travel size of the shower gel, and it has lasted forever, so I can't even imagine how long that giant bottle would last!

I'm tooootally in love with pretty much all of Cake Beauty's products! They're a Canadian company that makes really decadent bath and beauty products with natural ingredients. It's A Slice is one of my favorite scents- it's a creamy orange smell, kind of like orange sherbet.

There are a lot of fun Valentine's Day thing on the site right now, including an awesome infographic of fun Valentine's day info! I tried to stick it directly in my post, but the size just would not cooperate. Sorry! You can click here to check it out, though. I liked the part with all of the different flowers and what they represent. (Seeing that sunflowers equal "Purity and lofty thoughts" made me laugh, since those are Rory's favorite on Gilmore Girls, and that fits her perfectly!)

Anyone have fun plans for V-Day? (Or VD, as I like to call it)

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