Monday, February 18, 2013

Bachelor Recap: Hometown Dates!

Happy Monday, blog friends!  It's Bachelor time! If you're new, you should know that I type my recaps while I'm watching, so they're pretty stream of conscious! This week is full of home town dates with the final 4. Should be good! I always like seeing the crazy come out when families come into play.

AshLee is up first, and I'm guessing that her home town date will be pretty boring, since there are no clips of it in the preview. I noticed something interesting during this date- When AshLee tells Sean how good-looking he is, he just replies something like "Awww" instead of returning the compliment. I'm gonna have to pay attention to how he takes compliments now!

AshLee's family seems sweet, and their meeting doesn't give me all that much to mock. She's obviously super into Sean, but I don't necessarily get the feeling that he's as into her. I'm pretty sure she'll make it to next week, though, unless he freaks out about the prospect of breaking her heart and damaging her.

Catherine is up next, and it's interesting to see how he acts with her vs. how he is with AshLee a few minutes ago. They seem to have a lot of fun together, but it seems like they're in a very early "crush" phase.

Interlude here to say: There's still something I don't like about Sean, and I can't quite put my finger on it. I think it has something to do with always saying the "right" thing. It makes him seem disingenuous.

Catherine annoys me by saying that if Sean proposed, she'd say yes because she'd want to "try it out". That sounds healthy. (heavy sarcasm voice.)

Because everything doesn't go perfectly, Sean suddenly isn't sure how to go forward with Catherine. You mean their month long relationship isn't rock solid? GASP!

Lindsay is Chick Number 3, so Sean is off to Ft Leonard Wood, which is about 2 hours from where I grew up. Wheee. Sean seems way more concerned about what her dad will think of him than he has about the other families, so I wonder if that means he's more serious about Lindsay?

At the end of their day, Lindsay tells Sean she's falling in love with him. AshLee did last week, so at this point we're 2 loves and 2 who haven't said it yet. Hmmm.

Desiree is last, which we know means that her date will be the craziest. She meets him wearing colorful workout clothes, which makes me wonder when my Feb. subscription box from Ellie will get here. Sean is wearing the same ugly pink shorts he has worn in several episodes.

I have to give Des some props for her date planning. She takes Sean hiking, since he's active and outdoorsy, and then has him help prepare dinner, which is a very coupley thing. Of course, then her "ex-boyfriend" shows up and goes on and on about how in love with her he still is. Things escalate quickly. Then, of course, she tells Sean that it's a prank to pay him back for his prank on their first date. (Sean also pranked Emily on his hometown date in her season, so he should have seen this coming!)

Des's brother gives her a ton of crap and calls her relationship stupid, and you can just tell he's a delightful dude to be around. When he talks to Sean, it's interesting to see someone who doesn't immediately think the sun shines out of Sean's ass. You can tell he's used to being able to talk his way out of things, but that he's not used to being not liked, too. I can't figure out why everyone seems afraid to really confront the brother, nobody really just steps in and tells him to stop being assy.

Sean is concerned that he can't marry into a family where he doesn't get along with the brother. That seems incredibly dumb to me. I can see perhaps reconsidering if her entire family hated you, but you might really throw the relationship away because one guy is a dick? I feel like getting along with someone's family is awesome if it happens, but totally not a deal breaker. Sean also says he didn't want to ruin the evening by getting into a fight with her brother, but wouldn't you rather get into one fight and figure out where things stand than just give up on the relationship? I'm guessing Des would probably rather have you yell at her brother than send her home. Just sayin'.

At the beginning of the rose ceremony, Sean says that he's still not sure at that moment who he is sending home. Wait, dude. seriously? Like, fo-reals? This doesn't seem like a decision you should make on the fly. Ask the producers to give you another couple of hours to think.

AshLee gets a rose, Lindsay gets a rose, and then (drumroll....) Sean walks out of the room.

So, here's what I'm thinking at this point. Catherine's family was hard on her, but it seemed to be because they thought she wasn't in a "ready to settle down" place in her life, and that (rightly) she was still in that fresh, new relationship phase with Sean where everything is bunnies and rainbows, and he hadn't quite seen the real her yet. On the other hand, Des's brother just plain doesn't like Sean. To me, someone's family saying they're not in the right place for a serious relationship is a way bigger red flag than someone having a brother that's a pain to be around.

Sean comes back and gives the rose to Catherine, and I feel really bad for Des. Poor girl didn't pick her brother. Some people have crappy siblings, Sean. That's just life. As they're having a little chat before Des leaves, I can't help but wonder why they didn't have a major conversation at her house, after things went down with her brother. Why wouldn't you resolve things then, rather than letting him stew on it until the rose ceremony? Their goodbye is hard to watch, y'all.

I have this theory about pranks on the hometown dates, by the way. Emily sent Sean home after his hometown, and now this with Des. Even though the fact that they both played pranks doesn't really have anything to do with getting eliminated technically, I have to wonder if they kind of DO. By playing a prank and freaking the Bachelor/Bachelorette out on a major level, they make them wonder "Whoa, do I really not know this person at ALL?" It puts in a major moment of doubt, and gets their adrenaline going. I can't help but wonder if that has some kind of impact?

There's a "Sean Tells All" special tomorrow night. Not sure if I'll blog it or not, I guess it depends if it feels like there's much to comment on! Tonight's episode was fairly boring until the end, so I apologize if this was less amusing than usual!

Who do you guys think will be the "winner"? I'm about 90% sure Catherine will be eliminated next, so it really seems to be between Lindsay and AshLee now!

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cheri mariotti said...

Desiree playing that prank on Sean was hilarious, but I felt so bad for her because of her brother. I was really hoping she would have received a rose, and not one of the others. I watched this episode of The Bachelor last night after I finished my shift at DISH. With my DISH Hopper being able to record up to six shows at once during prime time hours, I can watch all my shows. I never have to worry about missing any episodes and DVR conflicts with my shows.