Saturday, February 02, 2013


So, on Monday night, I was on my sweet little lappytop, and it started running r-e-a-l-l-y slow. No bigs, right? So I restarted.

Actually, let me rephrase that. I clicked the happy little restart button, and lappytop said NO.

I tried everything. I begged with it, I pleaded, I shed a few tears. I Googled answers. I described the problems in detail to FB, and even my nerd friends couldn't help. It still refuses to boot up.

This was on MONDAY, y'all.  It is now Saturday morning. I have no idea how I am still alive.

I have a desktop, but it is a) from the paleolithic age (I got it used from a Triceratops), and b) the CPU fan on it died about a year ago, so when I use it, it makes ALL THE ANGRY NOISES. I can check my email and Twitter on my phone, but it's been kinda a dick about letting me on Facebook. It will be like "Ohai! You have three new comments! But I'm not gonna let you see them! HAHAHAH."

It's been a rough week.

I have a small number of dollars that I can use to either repair or (uber-cheaply) relace Senor Lappytop, but those dollars were *supposed* to go to dental work, which reaaaaaaly needs to happen like.. last year. I bit into a cookie yesterday and it hurt so much I cried. Things are not awesome all up in my mouth.

Still, given that online is where I get all of my income, I really can't deal with being computerless any longer, whereas I'm absurdly well-practiced at putting up with physical pain. I found a computer repair place that I'm going to stop by to get an estimate of what it will take to fix my laptop, and then depending on what that estimate is, I'll either fix it or buy a super-cheap used one. I also found a place in Springfield that will buy non-working computers, so at least if I do end up replacing it, I can get some of the cash back that way.

Thankfully, I don't have a TON of irreplaceable stuff on it. It's barely over a year old, so it's not as soul-crushing as when my first laptop was stole the first time my apartment was broken into, and I lost *everything*. This one has a few hundred photos that would suck to lose, but not years and years of memories like the first one. It is annoying that I have some "work in progress" photos of dresses I've been altering on there, since those were going to go on blog posts, but it's not a HUGE deal. And if I get lucky, maybe I can at least get them to rescue the data off of it if all else fails.

So, yeah. UGH. It super duper uber sucks to spend any money fixing/replacing it, when there are SO many super important things I could be doing with that money, but being computerless is AWFUL. So basically, cross your fingers that nice laptop repair place will be like "Oh, this? No big deal! We can fix it in five minutes for $20! All is good! Go make your dentist appointment, girl!" (Hey, I can dream!)

All of that said, this is your friendly reminder to back up all your stuff! Computer crashes are like the Spanish Inquisition. Hide yo kids, hide yo wifi!

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