Sunday, February 24, 2013

NY, London, and Milan Fashion Weeks

Whoa, I got behind on Fashion Week! (Shocking, I know. It only happens every single season.) It's missed ONE day of NYFW coverage, and suddenly I look up and London has already happened, and Milan is underway. OOPS.

I read an interesting post on IFB (Independant Fashion Bloggers) the other day about how the number of comments tend to go down when it comes to Fashion Week posts. I found it amusing because that totally happens to me! While most posts usually get at least a handful of comments, hardly anyone ever comments on my Fashion Week posts. I saw a lot of bloggers comment on that article that they just don't cover Fashion Week anymore, since they don't get as much interaction on those posts, but I have no plans to stop. I love looking through all of the shows, and I like having my favorites (and utter disasters) on my blog where I can easily compare what I loved last Fall vs. this Fall. I figure that if runway fashion's not your thing, you can always scroll to the next post.

Anyway! I left off towards the end of New York Fashion Week. (I never call it Mercedes Benz FW. I just don't.)

So... this happened at the Jeremy Scott show. Okay.

I feel like Marc Jacobs forgot something when he designed this look, but I can't quite put my finger (hand?) on it...

That's it for me for NYFW... let's move on to London!

It's not a good runway show until someone ends up wearing a lamp shade, am I right? Other models in this Fashion East show carried stuffed fish or teddy bears.

Okay, ready for the depressing part? That's the only show from London that I felt compelled to comment on. Out of something like 70 shows! Since there was so little to remark on from London, I thought I'd go ahead and check out a few Milan shows today, too!

Given that we got about an inch of ice yesterday (not snow... ice.), this Max Mara ensemble suddenly doesn't seem quite so silly.


So, at first I was like "THANK YOU, Dolce & Gabbana! I was waiting for a collection like this to shake things up a bit!"

But then they tried to make this poofy diaper thing happen, and I was mad at them.

...but then they pulled it back together, and we were cool again.

UGH, it's just SO GOOD.

It's just SO GOOD.

I want them.

Okay, after that Dolce and Gabbana-palooza, I'm going to wrap things up for now. I'll be back with more Milan soon! Ciao, babies!

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Andrew said...

The first time my RSS Feed showed one of your posts labeled NYFW, I read it as NSFW. That's what happens when guy readers meet fashion show blog posts for the first time. I still read them though.