Sunday, February 10, 2013

NYFW: More awesomeness!

I'm back with another post about the highs and lows of this most holy of weeks, New York Fashion Week!

I have to admit... Prabal Gurung is really growing on me. This collection is such a 180 from his pre-fall stuff and the collection for Target. I liked all the detail work, and while I'm not usually one for military-inspired looks, I was drooling over this top/coat! It's one of those collections that isn't quite my personal aesthetic, but that I can totally appreciate the design and craftsmanship of.

I know runway fashion is anything but practical, but can you imagine trying to unlock your car or answer your phone or pretty much anything else while wearing these Alexander Wang glove/arm warmer... things?

Seriously digging this Herve Leger by Max Azria collection! Great fabrics, great prints/embellishments on those fabrics, and superior understanding of how to match the architecture of clothes to the landscape of a female body. Thumbs-up!

From the same collection- the sort of hourglass shape made up by the design in the center of the dress was repeated a lot in this collection. It's a brilliant trick of the eye to flatter the wearer's shape!

For lack of a better description, the Mara Hoffman show just plain made me happy. There's so much darkness in most fall color palettes, so the bright, playful colors here were refreshing! Liking the metal-tipped boots, too.

Finally, I have to share this:

I'm sure it was an intern or something and not the man himself, but still, I'm feeling loved.

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