Monday, March 25, 2013

Current March Status

I haven't done one of these current status things in several months, so I thought I'd give it a go!

Current books: I just started rereading Savage Beauty: The Life of Edna St. Vincent Millay. There are SO many unread books on my shelves, but I just randomly really found myself in the mood to pick this up again.

Current music: I was driving through heavy fog a few days ago, and got a huge kick out of putting on UltraViolet and pretending all of the tail lights and stop lights were Bono's jacket.


Current guilty pleasure: Now that The Bachelor is over, Hoarders is really my only good guilty pleasure show! I miss you, Honey Boo Boo!

Current drink: There's this passion fruit mango tea that I'm obsessed with, but the grocery store has been OUT the last several times I've gone. I'm pretty sure I'm dying of tea withdrawals.


Current food: I'm eating "Loaded Baked Potato" Pringles, because I am too lazy to go make an actual meal.

Current favorite show: I only watch about 7 shows a week. I think Bob's Burgers is actually my favorite right now! I love Louise more than I love most actual humans.

Crystal Ward

Current wish list: I still really want new boots!

Current needs: I still need to get my poor tooth fixed!

Current triumphs: I passed 2,000 fans on Facebook! Good job, blog!

Current bane of my existence: Cold/Snow/Winter that has overstayed its welcome.

Current celebrity crush: Scott Porter and I are basically BFF's on Twitter now. (And by BFFs I mean he replied to one of my tweets.) I'll update y'all on our wedding plans as they develop.

obviously true love

Current indulgence: This is a tough question! I bought new sparkly purple nail polish the other day to cheer myself up. It was 90 cents. Big spender in the house!

Current blessing: Merida (my kitten) is curled up next to my legs napping. I appreciate the cuteness and  warmth pretty equally!

Current outfit: I am currently wearing a Star Wars t-shirt and PJ pants with moons and stars on them. I'm a frickin' FASHIONISTA.

Current excitement: I am kind of stupidly excited to go grocery shopping on Weds. It's a long story, I'll probably vlog about it.

Current mood: I don't really have one word for my mood recently. I think I'm still recovering from being SUPER sick last week.

Current link: I recently came across this blog, which is a woman's quest to reuse her penis-shaped cake pan for non-penisy things. I think the UFO cake is my fav!

Leave me a link to your post if you do this, too, and I'll go check it out!


Sharon said...

I confess - when I read your "current wish," I thought it said "new boobs" at first. LOL. You don't new boobs! ;) I'm obviously very tired. Hahaha.

Mer said...

Excitement about grocery shopping? Please do share, as that's something I wish I could manage.