Friday, March 08, 2013

PV Body is now Ellie - Review & Discount

You may remember my PV Body review from January, where I got to check out a cool workout clothing subscription service. Well, PV Body went through some changes and has become Ellie! It's still an active wear subscription service, but quite a few things have changed!

So, what's different?

*The major change from when it was PV Body is that you now have the option to select the pieces that you want from that month's collection. However, for those who love the surprise of getting a mystery package, you can still choose NOT to pick your pieces, and Ellie's stylists will send you two items that match your profile, just like before. I love this change!

*While in the past you always got one top and one bottom, you can now choose to select two tops, two bottoms, or one of each! I'm a big fan of this change, too, because I can totally imagine there being a month where I'm totally in love with two tops and can't decide between them, so I love that I'd have the option to just get both!

*Instead of sending members workout clothes from established brands (some well-known, some not so well known) like they did as PV Body, Ellie now only sends out their own line of clothes. This is the change that I'm currently kind of on the fence about until I have more experience with the actual clothes. On one hand, working only with their in-house brand means that sizing should be easier, since a Large in one brand they used to carry might be a Medium in another.  It also gives them a huge opportunity to listen to the comments and requests of their users and try to incorporate those into future designs. (ie if a lot of users start requesting a certain style of top, hopefully they will take that into consideration and add it to a future collection!) The third cool thing about that is that you won't see a million other women at the gym with your clothes, since they're only available through Ellie. On the other hand, as of now, the new brand (Ellie) is pretty much an unknown. It could be awesome, it could be not-so-great, or quality could vary from month to month. It's way too early for me to make a solid judgement.

*If you want more items (in addition to your 2 included in the subscription), you can order those, too! They aren't at as great of a price as the subscription pieces, though.

*Everything is made in the USA, which is nice to know. (Although I believe the fabrics used are manufactured in another country).

*Since they now make the clothes, Ellie guarantees that every item is washer and dryer friendly. If something gets messed up in the wash, you can return/exchange it!

My Personal Experience

*Looking through the February catalog of items was fun! I've been told that the Feb items will still be available in March, since they've had some "growing pains" so to speak, and not everyone who wanted to order them was able to. (A new collection for March is also available. More about that towards the end!) I have to admit, I'm curious to see how they will manage to release a whole new 24 item collection (16 tops, 8 bottoms) every single month! That's a LOT of designing and manufacturing really quickly!

*My order did seem to take a lot longer to ship than last month's did. I got an email on the 14th that it had shipped, but it didn't arrive until 2 weeks later. (My last one took 2 or 3 days max, I believe.)

*I was also notified in the shipping email that the capris I ordered hadn't been up to the company's standards when they got them in stock, so they were sending me a different bottom for now, and I'd get the ones I ordered as soon as they got the new (hopefully better) shipment. I was totally cool with this, since it means I get to check out an extra pair of pants, but I still get the ones I originally wanted. (I looked up some Ellie reviews, and it seems that some people did get the substandard capris before the error was caught.)

So, what did I pick?

There were quite a few cute tops, so this was a tough choice! However, I couldn't pass up this great blue color, and I have ZERO active tops with long sleeves. The fabric this top is made of is SO SOFT. I was expecting something closer to t-shirt material (jersey), but it's nothing like that. It's super stretchy, too! The only down side is that since it's quite thin, it doesn't hide "problem areas" at all.

This is a close up of the mesh fabric stripes near the shoulders. Gotta love a little extra ventilation!

I love thumb holes! 

I'm in love with how comfy this shirt is. Plus, the color is AWESOME. The fit could be a bit better in the arms- it doesn't quite fit me correctly near the armpits. Also, the sleeves are SUPER long- even on me, and I'm basically an Amazon woman. Better than too short, though! I also love that the fabric doesn't wrinkle. I purposely wadded the shirt into a ball after trying it on, and the next day it was still wrinkle-free when I picked it back up. Score! It looks like we might see this style of shirt pop up again- there was also a grey one in Feb's collection, plus a short sleeved pink version (pictured below.) There's a black one coming out in March, too!

For my pants, I originally ordered the Heartbreaker Capris shown here:

However, as I mentioned above, the staff at Ellie decided that the quality wasn't up to their standards, so they sent me a different bottom for now. (I'll review these when I actually get them! Hopefully within the next couple of weeks!) For now, they sent me...

Kiss Me Capris! (I totally had to borrow this pic from their FB, because the one I took turned out super blurry!)

These had the LONGEST tag I've ever seen!

From the photo, I thought there were stripes of two different colors at the waist band, but the lower half is actually black mesh over the pink!

I ordered the size Large, and as usually happens to me with this type of pants, I thought there was NO way they would fit when I first saw them! They fit great, though! Not too tight anywhere! (I'm usually a 10/12 in pants, if that helps anyone with sizing!) I experimented with folding the waistband over, and that works quite well, too, if you want a lower rise. The waist measures about 15" across unstretched, but will stretch a few inches comfortably. 

I have to admit, I liked the suspense of not knowing which pants I'd be getting. It would be awesome if Ellie would introduce an option to select one of your items and let the other be a surprise! Maybe after they get all of their opening crazyness settled down a bit?

Other Info

*You can still skip a month or cancel your subscription at any time!
*Ellie is $49.95 per month, but if you sign up via my link you get 20% off your first month! That makes it under $40! (Shipping is always free!)
*If you don't like something in your box or it doesn't fit, it's free (including the shipping) to exchange it. If for some reason you just plain don't like anything you got, you can also send everything back for a full refund. (I have a feeling both of these will happen a lot less now that people can pick their items!)

March Collection!

How frickin' sexy is March's Little Black Collection?

I haven't picked out my pieces for March yet. It's a tough decision! Any suggestions?

I am working on a video to show my February pieces in a bit more depth. Look for it to be posted here in the next day or two!

To save 20%, visit Ellie by clicking on the banner below!

Disclosure: I was provided with a complimentary outfit in exchange for my honest review. 


Julieann R said...

Love that you can choose your own look and mix and match to your individual style! Thanks for the great photos and the review.

JRFrugalMom and Family said...

Thanks for the discount!

Mama to 4 said...

Looks like nice and comfortable workout clothing. Nice and airy!

Jennifer Williams said...

I love their clothing. Cute outfit it looks great on you. I skipped march, I prefer pastels and they went all black, I can not pull off all black. Can not wait for April's selection.

Mer said...

What a cute top...that color is lovely. I like the idea of monthly subscription service, as it would be a great way to motivate myself to keep to my workout schedule.