Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Spring Cleaning

Even though it's only in the 30s here today, I've been struck by the Spring cleaning bug. The urge to sort and get rid of and wash is high, my friends. Actually doing it, though, really sucks.

So far this morning, I vacuumed and flipped my mattress, and then went through a big box of old CDs with plans to get rid of most of them. The problem I encountered is that I have dozens of empty CD boxes! Where are the CDs that go in them?? I also threw away several dozen old mix cds that were scratched up or icky. That was HARD! But really, am I ever going to listen to them? No.

I looked up Spring cleaning stuff on Pinterest, since Pinterest knows everything, but there were all kinds of tips about things like deep cleaning the stove or dusting baseboards that are just never going to happen. Throwing out the three containers of leftover soup of indeterminate age is WAY more my speed.

I did finally find a solution for one thing that's always been a problem! I always seem to have a lot of little knick-knacks that I don't think anyone would actually buy at a yard sale (or a thrift store if I donated them), but are too cute/interesting to just throw away. But now that I've started finding the occasional Geocache on the hiking trails I go to, it occurred to me that I could put a few of those little items in a bag that I can carry with me for the purpose of leaving them in cache boxes. Win! (Most people leave little trinkets like small plastic toys or keychains, so the items I have sitting around work perfectly!)

Is anyone else diving into cleaning this month? Any tips to share? Or does anyone just want to come over and do it all for me while I sit around and watch Hoarders? 'Cause I'd be cool with that!

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Mer said...

Argh, spring cleaning. My best tip is to break it into tiny jobs--clearing off a table, straightening a bookshelf, etc. It takes longer, but I don't get burnt out.