Sunday, March 31, 2013

Springfield Nature Center + A Vlog!

As I mentioned in my last Random Updates post, I got the chance to check out the trails at the Springfield Nature Center last month! I hadn't been there since a field trip in kindergarten, so I was excited to check it out! (I meant to post about this weeks ago, but I just got around to finishing the vlog today! That will be towards the end.)

I was wearing flip flops (and forgot to bring my trail shoes), so my plan was to just do the Savannah Ridge and Boardwalk trails (the yellow and blue ones on the map above), which added up to less than a mile. I figured I'd come back on a warmer day (it was in the low 50s, but there was still snow on the ground in places) to venture out a little farther. 

I'm totally smitten with how these trails are laid out, by the way! The layout makes it so easy to do a quick little chunk or keep adding on extra loops until you've had your fill. 

I went for the Savanna Ridge trail first. This one is definitely the easiest! It's fairly flat- there's a bit of an incline in places, but nothing I'd consider strenuous at all. The map above says it's a 15 minute trail, but it took me a little under 10 minutes, even with a quick stop to vlog. 

What I didn't like about this trail is that since it's so close to the highway, you never get that wonderful quiet that you usually find out in the woods. 

I love that the trail map even shows you where the benches are! 

After that quick little warm-up, I started onto the Boardwalk trail, which is also paved and only 1/3 mile.

There's a great little observation deck just a minute or two down the trail. Oddly, though despite the bench here (and the abundance of benches on the short trail I did earlier), there are very few along this trail!

There are great little signs on a lot of the trees that tell you what they are. LOVE that!

I loved this little squiggly-shaped tree!

I was also a fan of signs like this that give you an idea of how far you've come!

I actually ended up turning around at this point. The trail was steeper than I'd expected, so since it was paved and I was in flip-flops, I was having some issues. Next time, I'll bring real shoes!

I threw together a vlog that combines a little footage of these trails with the weird story of what happened while I was there, and the tale of my grocery shopping fail. Enjoy!


Mer said...

That looks like a fun way to get some exercise. I like the id signs; my local nature center does pamplets which is great for extra info, but can cause some fun moments when you're trying to figure out exactly which plant the numbered stake references.

Katie said...

You did so much walking!!!

Dina said...

I love walking trails! This place looks beautiful.