Saturday, April 20, 2013

1000 Things That Make Me Happy - Part 7

Yikes, it's been forever since I've done one of these "Things that make me happy" posts! This one has been sitting in my drafts folder for quite a while, as evidenced by the Fall/Winter items towards the beginning.

You can find items #1-550 by clicking here! I just noticed that some of the images on older posts are no longer working, so I'll try to fix those soon.

Here are 50 more things that bring me joy:

551. All things pumpkin flavored once Fall rolls around!
552. Hilarious Twitter comments while watching the Presidential debates. I laughed SO MUCH.
553. Getting a sponsored post email offer right when I really need some extra money!
554. Buying fair trade products.
555. Limited edition Pop Tarts (I was all about the Sugar Cookie flavor this winter!)
556. Awesome free stuff from Klout
557. Flirting
558. The adorable purr-meows Merida makes. She almost says her name. "Mer? Merrrrrr? Merrrrrrrrrrrrr."
559. The news that there will be a Star Wars Episode 7 in a few years!
560. Hope.
561. Being sorted into Ravenclaw on Pottermore.
562. My squishy new memory foam pillow!
563. Being "mauled" by my kitten Bear. He LOVES to chew on people. Sometimes he'll just sit there with your hand/arm/whatever in his mouth. I just enjoy saying "I'm being mauled by a Bear!!"
564. Laying under the Christmas tree and looking up into the lights and branches.
565. Pictures of sloths.
I love you sooooo much! You can never leave me!

566. The little mini loaves of banana and pumpkin bread from Hy-Vee. They're $1! LOVE.
567. The fun of digging out Christmas ornaments that you love seeing again every year, or those that you totally forgot about.
568. My fluffy stuffed sheep from Bath and Body Works! (Hi, I'm seven.)
569. The fresh start of a new year.
570. The "Spy Who Loved Me" nail polish from OPI. It's super duper pink and seeing it on my nails just makes me happy.
571. Actually remembering to put my trash out on time! I got spoiled living in an apartment with valet trash service 5 days a week, so now if I miss trash day, I'm stuck for a whole week!
572. A giant cup of queso from Moe's.
573. Embracing flaws.
574. Justin's Nut Butters. OMG, you guys, so good. Especially the little pouches of chocolate almond butter that you can just squirt directly into your mouth, feeling gluttonous.
575. The smell of the coffee bean aisle at the grocery store.
576. Meeting someone new that sparks something within you.
577. My mom was near Joplin (about 2 hrs away) and picked up MOES for me!! I haven't had food from there in over 3 years, so I was blissed out while stuffing my face! (Amusingly, I wrote #572 before knowing this would happen!)
578. The "Sweet Spun Sugar" candle I got at Target that smells exactly like the Main Street Confectionary at Magic Kingdom!
579. I found a bunch of old mix CDs and loved how I could instantly remember what was going on in my life when I made them.
The truth about the extinction of dinosaurs

581. This list of often missed movie references in The Simpsons.
582. Leaving a window open to fall asleep to the sound of waves when you're staying near the ocean.
583. Equinoxes
584. Tweeting about crazy reality TV shows with my like-minded Twitter people.
585. Green juice. (I like Green Machine from Naked juice, as I am totally not about to buy a juicer and produce.)
586. Anticipation.
587. When other drivers catch me rocking out at stop lights. If you're not singing/dancing while you drive, you're doing it wrong.
588. Getting all of the bags of groceries into the house in one trip.
589. Snow on Christmas (the only acceptable time.)
590. My shirt with a built-in iPod pocket
How to get 100$ worth of workout clothes for under 40 dollars!

591. Randomly running into teachers from high school. It has now happened twice in the past few years, and both recognized me!
592. Wrapping my hands around a hot macchiato cup on a cold day.
593. A good dramatic pencil break in a movie. (when someone snaps one in half out of anger)
594. Totally inept people in infomercials.

595. Finding yourself in a wonderful mood for no real reason.
596. Sampling all of the hot sauces at Tijuana Flats, since I can never remember which ones I like.
597. Listening to the exact song you need at that time. It's medicinal.
598. The fact that my boys from SBK Live are doing a podcast now! I missed listening to them.
599. The fun of wearing a dress I made or altered and knowing that nobody else can possibly be wearing the same thing.

 600. This video of my old amigo Nick's band The Farm handing out some random acts of kindness.

Yay for having 600 things on the list now! Only 400 to go!

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