Sunday, May 26, 2013

Trying to remember...

I read a lot of Disney cast member blogs and Tumblrs, since no matter what role someone has there are always things I can relate to. Plus, it's kind of like hearing news from "home." It makes me wish I'd done a better job of writing about the day to day things that happened at my job since let's face it- it's Disney World, weird stuff happens every day. The thing is, you become immune to weird pretty quickly, so it doesn't feel blog worthy after a while. When I go back I'm definitely going to make a point to write about more of the little things, if only so I can remember them. I know I had some awesome and not-so-awesome guest encounters over the years, I just wish I could remember them!  Here are a few I do remember:

*During one of my first weeks in Florida, while I was working at the Tomorrowland Speedway, someone in line said "I READ YOUR BLOG!"  Sadly it was super busy and I was so shocked I think I just said something like "Oh... hi!"  I mean, how do you react to that?

*A blind lady once ran over my foot. Not kidding. This was also at Speedway.  We always stood with our foot on the exterior brake of the car while guests got out so that if someone accidentally stepped on the gas as they were standing up, they weren't injured. I had some guests that had just ridden, a little kid and a lady who I'm guessing was the kid's grandma. She had one of those canes people use to feel in front of them if they can't see, which she had left with another cast member when she got on the ride since it wouldn't really fit on the car. I needed to get her cane for her before she got out of the car, so once they were at the unload spot, I asked them to stay seated for a second and took my foot off the brake to reach across the track for her cane.  A second later the lady started getting out of the car, hitting the gas pedal and totally running over my foot.  Fortunately we had to wear steel-toed boots there so I wasn't crushed or anything, but it still hurt like a mofo.

*I didn't see this one in person, but one group of guests set up a kiddie pool in their hotel room during the summer.  The best part? They had a room right by the actual pool.  Poor housekeeping.

*I miss telling the occasional orientation class of CPs that we were now going to take a 5 minute break so they could all update their FB status about how awesome I am.  I wonder if anyone ever did it.

*There was an awesome family from Chile... (I think it was Chile. Crap, my memory sucks.) that I somehow got into a discussion about their home country with. They actually wrote down their address and contact info and told me to let them know if I was ever in the country, they'd hook me up with sightseeing stuff.  Sounds kinda creepy in text, but was actually super sweet.

*I miss languages. I miss saying "Hi, Princess!" to a little girl in a Cinderella dress, and having one of her parents say "Oh, she only speaks French" (insert random language of choice here). I miss surprising the parents and girl by leaning back down and speaking to her in whatever language, even if it was one I only know a few words of.

*I once had some Japanese guests that were setting up dining reservations and had everything they wanted written out on really cute stationary. I commented on how cute the notebook was, and the lady tried to GIVE it to me! It was the cutest thing ever. I let her tear out one sheet, which I still have.

*I know this is mostly guest memories, but oh man do I miss the Adventurer's Club.  I can't even tell you how much.  I really can't.

*I miss telling guests that came to the desk freaked out that they lost their room key "Wow, this is the first time that has ever happened!" Every now and then, one actually believed me. "No, sir, this happens fifty times a day. Seriously. It's cool, give me 10 seconds."

I really hope I'm better at keeping track of the little everyday things next time around! I'm sure I've forgotten some pretty awesome stories.

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Tammigirl said...

Fun! I would read about it. I'm going to start giving people mandatory breaks so they can update their facebook status about how wonderful I am, too - great idea!