Thursday, June 20, 2013

Current Status: June

I've been doing these "Current Status" posts for quite a while (You can see all of the past posts I've remembered to tag here), but I'm starting to feel like I need to change up the format a bit. There are certain questions that I never have a great answer for, and other things I feel like I should add.

Current Book: I've been trying to go through my two entire bookshelves of unread books, deciding which to take to Florida with me and which to sell/donate. My theory was that I would read a chapter or so of each to see if it's something I'll dig, and then move on to the next. However, I'm finding it hard to stop reading once I start one!

I also hit a major funky mood a few days ago and decided that the cure was to start rereading Harry Potter. I finished Sorcerer's Stone yesterday, started Chamber of Secrets today. 

This brings us to this cover art that appeared on Order of the Phoenix in Finland:

File:Finnish Book 5 cover.jpg

I can't even go into commenting on Umbridge, but after great discussion some Facebook friends and I did finally conclude that the boy on the left is supposed to be James, and that's Snape upside down in the background. (This was after a fairly significant "Why the eff is Ron brunette?" conversation.") Other highlights of this discussion included my friend Kellen refering to that reddish thing Harry is wearing as a "Vagazzled octopus."

But really, Finland illustrator person, just because someone is described as "toad-faced", you don't have to take that description 100000% literally. Just sayin'.

Current Music: Oh, hey, good question! What have I been listening to lately? I did discover Garfunkel and Oates. 

Current guilty pleasure: Toddlers and Tiaras is back on! This is my guiltiest of guilty pleasures. (Or maybe Honey Boo Boo is? Which do you guys think is worse to love? Let me know.) Tonight's (or last night's, for you non-nocturnal folks) episode included a girl whose parents own a company that sends strippers to hotel rooms for "parties". I couldn't even tweet about it, the jokes were all too obvious. 

I tried to find a gif of Mimi from tonight's episode running after a peacock to accompany this tweet:

But I couldn't find one (I fail at the Internet, I guess.) so I'm just going to stick this classic gif here instead. 

30 Of The Most Depressing Toddlers & Tiaras Animated Gifs On The Internet

(This is probably the episode Katie and I quote most often. It's not uncommon for one of us to throw out a random "BE-YON-CE!")

Current drink: While at the grocery store earlier tonight, I found a bin of little airplane sized bottles of UV Vodka for $1 each. I grabbed the peach one and decided to enjoy it a bit later. It was truly awful. How can you screw up PEACH vodka? Yeesh. 

Current food: So, here's the thing, y'all. I think Sabra may have replaced my beloved Greek Olive Hummus with a new, slightly different "Olive Tapenade Hummus". IT IS TERRIBLE. 

Current favorite show: I'm still TV-less. Probably won't bother replacing it before I move. Alas, alas.

Current wish list: I think I'm finally ready to switch to an Android phone. I've missed out on at least three sponsored blog posts now because I don't have Instagram. The money from those would have paid for a new phone. Ugh.

Current need: A giant loaf of banana bread from Hy-Vee. This is not a want, this is a legit physical need. Some chocolate almond butter to go with it would be rad, too.

Current triumph: I went through the giant desk where I keep all of my beauty products tonight, and filled an entire box with things to get rid of. You do not want to know how many lip glosses I own.

Current bane of my existence: Poison ivy and bug bites. Summer is trying to ensure that I not look cute in any of the little summery dresses I've been looking forward to wearing.

Current excitement: Today I learned that when the new Simpsons area of Universal is complete, there will be a Bumblebee Man Taco Truck. Now all they need to do is add Disco Stu and I can say that all of my dreams have come true. (Except for that one, about that one thing.)

Random Fact: I'm adding this category! Oooh, ahh. Okay, this month's random fact: When I was  3 or 4, I somehow decided that I *hated* my ankles, and beggged my Mom to cut them off. I then collapsed onto the sofa in tears for at least an hour over the fact that she would not cut them off. I was also pretty pissed that she wouldn't legally change my name to She-Ra, but that paled in comparison to making me go through life with these weird bumpy things by my feet. The nerve!

Current Link: This is one of the best Pinterest boards I've seen. I'd love to see more people putting this kind of effort in.

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barkergirl33 said...

Wow-thats a lot, I like how you did that! I'm a book addict and the Harry Potter series is one of my 'comfort' series that I like to go to (terrible Finland cover-some of my authors have different Kindle covers and they are very bad), I've never seen HBB or T&T-I am so not a kid person (crazy cat girl), and yay about Universal-I'm going down in October and I can't wait-I haven't been there in years. Have fun and be safe, I'm looking forward to more posts! ~Raine~