Saturday, June 15, 2013

Ellie Excitement!

Excuse me while I totally spaz out for a minute!

I am going to spend all of next week STALKING my mailman, because this top from Ellie is on its way to my house!

Summer Nights Long Sleeve + Solar Flare Leggings #fashion #fitness

If you follow my blog's Facebook, you know I basically had an existential crisis trying to decide what to pick. I'm pretty happy with my choice, even though I'm probably kind of dumb for picking something with long sleeves when I'm about to move back to Florida. But I couldn't pass up those cute netted shoulders, and what I expect to be SUPER soft material! (I've wanted to live in basically everything I've gotten from Ellie so far!)

I'm so obsessed with this collection, I want EVERYTHING. I'm pretty happy I'm at least getting a top, though! (My top is at 27 seconds in the video below.) I seriously think their collections are getting better and better each month. I'm not sure my poor fashion loving heart can take whatever comes next!

I'm *still* working on my review of my stuff from the Coral Crush collection. I should have it up any day! (I know, I've been saying that for ages!) I just had to share my excitement over this particular top, because I think it might be my new favorite thing. And also because I'm procrastinating packing. But mostly out of love!

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Kelly Mogk said...

Color me jelly!!