Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Fun Disney Vlogs!

I recently got sucked into watching a TON of Disney College Program vlogs on YouTube. It's funny- most people make like a dozen videos *before* they begin their college program, talking about their phone interviews and packing and all that, but then as soon as they actually move to Florida and start work, their vlogs either totally stop or drop down to once every couple of months. (The same thing happens with blogs!) It's super frustrating to get all invested in someone's story and then have them just disappear!

I thought I'd share a few CP vloggers that I've come across that I thought were especially awesome!

I am SO impressed by Amy's channel! While a lot of vloggers make a handful of videos and then kind of fizzle out, she has already made over 50 vlogs during her program! I'm so sad to see her time there drawing to a close, because it has been so much fun to watch!

Raisa has an interesting YouTube channel because she did the Disneyland CP in Spring 2012 (PhotoPass), and then the Disney World program in Spring 2013 (Character attendant). You can tell she puts a lot of thought and work into editing her videos!

Chelsea doesn't make videos as much now that she's full time, but her old videos are a lot of fun! Youtube is being a pain and not letting me embed this one, but this is a fun video to check out!

I'm keeping the list to just three this time so that I don't totally kill your computers by sticking a million videos in one post, but I may do another roundup of vloggers in the future! I can't wait to be back home so I can start making my own vlogs again!

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