Thursday, June 13, 2013

Waterfall Trail (Again!) - With Vlog!

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to go do the waterfall hiking trail in Branson one more time before the weather got scorching hot. (You can read about my first time on that trail here!)  I decided to make a little video of it for you this time!

Humble apologies for how bumpy and shaky it is, but I was mostly filming while walking. I also look a MESS, but let's see you go do a hike with sweaty sun and kamikaze bugs flying into your eyes and tree limbs attacking your hair and come out looking pretty, ya know?

I used the anti-shake thing on Youtube to eliminate a lot of the bounciness from me walking, but it seems to have made it a bit more blurry. Sorry about that!

A question for those of you who are outdoorsy: What is the best way to clean muddy shoes?

My beloved trail shoes are getting a little funky. They're made for kind of rough conditions, but I'm so worried I'll mess them up washing them! Anyone know the right way to do it?

This is unfortunately the best photo I got of what I think were crawdads? I find them so creepy!

I'm fairly doubtful that I'll get the chance to do any more hiking trails before I move back to Florida. I'm running short on time, and temperatures have been in the 90s which is just too hot for it to be fun. If we get a nice "cold" snap of low 80s, I'll probably take advantage of it, but the chances seem slim!

If you want to see a hiking trail video that is MUCH better than mine, check out the video that my "little brother" Mike made of his week hiking through Ocala National Forest. You can find that here

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Kelly Mogk said...

YAY! Vloggy goodness! It looks like such a pretty trail, even with all the death-defying moments. I miss hiking! This makes me want to go back out and run around outdoors. But maybe not with a camera, as it causes death. <3