Thursday, July 11, 2013

Fall 2013 Couture Runway Shows

Oh, man do I love couture shows. I don't even know how else to introduce this post beyond that really obvious phrase. I mean, who doesn't love couture season? So many pretty dresses, you guys. Let's dive in.

Okay, so this Zuhair Murad dress. Does it make you think of tree branches... or veins? I'm between the two.  (I don't recognize this model, but she's super cute. Also, someone in the front row has a GIANT foot.)

I pretty much loved this collection. There were some great fabric choices, innovative design, interesting silhouettes. Totally my kind of collection. I wish had video for these, because I'd love to see some of them move. This isn't a designer I normally get excited for, but I think he's more on my radar for the future.

Alexis Mabille's collection felt exactly how a couture collection should feel to me - total attention to detail, and incredibly thought-out looks that come together in a really pleasing way. Not to mention looks that make me say "Oh!" and have to pause for a moment to study it before moving on. What more can you ask for? There were a few looks that bordered more on costume-y than couture, but I can overlook that.

This entire Jean Paul Gaultier collection was SO. MUCH. FUN.  Do you spy the leopard print tights under this skirt?

Do you have any favorites?

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Trixie said...

I thought "tree branches" until I saw your "veins" comment, and now that's all I see.

barkergirl33 said...

What fun, I love runway shows that showcase the most extreme yet beautiful pieces-the kind that are more art than something that will get bought and worn. I think 'branches', and the dress is my favorite. I really enjoyed this post-thank you! ~Raine~