Thursday, July 11, 2013

The countdown is on!

I am moving in 6 weeks.

I don't know the exact day, but I know the week, so that's something.

Here's the thing, though- I totally intend to lie to myself between now and then. I am going to mentally subtract a week, so when I am like "AHH! I am moving in two weeks!", it will actually be three. I figure that way, when I get down to "Oh crap! I leave in a week and I have so much to do!", I can then be all "Haha, self! I was totally lying to you. You have two weeks left! It's cool."

Does that make me sound crazy? I don't care, I just hope it works and I don't find myself curled up at the 11th hour, freaking out that nothing is done.

My lovely future roommate (I need to ask her if she wants a nickname here) and I have decided to spend the night in New Orleans on our way to Florida. I am PSYCHED. If you've been around here long, you might remember that I've been dying to go to NOLA for like a year now. We'll only have a few hours to explore the city, and even those will be after a long, long day of driving, but at least it is something, right? Spending the night there adds around an hour and a half to the trip, but it just seems SO worth it to stay in an awesome city and get to do a little sightseeing, vs. spending the night in some random town in Alabama and curling up in front of the motel room TV with some Taco Bell, like I did on my drive back from Florida last time. (You can read about that lovely trip here! I actually just pulled it up to refresh my memory about the drive. Thankfully, I'm taking a different route through Arkansas this time!)

As for right now, I'm in this weird state of limbo. There's only so much packing/preparing you can do when you're still a month and a half away from moving. I'll need a pretty good percentage of the stuff I'm taking with me between now and then, so I can't pack all that much yet. It's totally frustrating to want to do something towards getting ready to go, but not having much you can do!

I think that sums up this little "State of the Crystal" address! I'm sure things will get more interesting as moving day draws nearer, and then you're in for a total whirlwind of bloggy goodness once I'm actually out of here! Hooray!

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