Thursday, August 08, 2013

Blue Tropical Dress Makeover

So...remember like a year ago when I started posting about all of the great dresses I was getting at the thrift store to make over? The dress that I'm posting today was from the VERY first bag sale that I went to, all the way back in August 2012! I'd say I'm doing a great job of staying on top of these alterations, wouldn't you?

Just a heads-up: I've been plugging away steadily at my pile of clothes to alter over the past couple of weeks, so expect quite a few of these dress posts in the near future!

So, in case you don't happen to remember every item I bought a year ago, here's the dress that I started out with!

Pretty great, am I right? Let's check it out on me! (Apparently I was way too cool to bother throwing on some frickin' makeup before this photo. Oh, well.)

The sexiest? Pretty much.

The first thing that I realized was that I would have to totally reconstruct the sleeves, due to the funky flap things on the shoulders. I know they're kind of hard to see here, so I outlined one in pink. Such a weird design choice!

I apoligoze for the lack of "work in progress" photos for this dress, but since I've been working on it in short bursts over the past year, I never realized that I kept totally failing to snap photos of the progress!

I only had to shorten this one by a couple of inches, so that was the easiest part. Removing the sleeves and totally rebuilding the upper half of the dress was the WORST. I shortened the upper half by a few inches so that the drawstring waist would fall just under my bust, rather than at my natural waist where it started out. (This is just a much more flattering silhouette for me!) I also unbuttoned the first few buttons, folded that fabric back and stitched it down to create a V-neck, rather than keeping it where it buttoned all the way up.

I shot the "after" photos with my new camera, which I don't totally have the hang of yet, so here are a few pictures with somewhat different lighting!

And of course, I still love the pockets!

The fit isn't quite as spot-on as I'd like, but I've learned that if I don't eventually just STOP working, I can focus on perfecting the details of a dress for ages. And right now, with just a few weeks before I move, I just can't hold out for perfection - Gotta get these done! Hopefully I'm the only one obsessive enough to notice the flaws.

I'm thinking this might be a dress to wear to Disney's Polynesian Resort to drink Lapu Lapus on the beach. (You obviously need a specific outfit for that kind of thing!)

So, what do you guys think?

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