Sunday, August 11, 2013

My Cats Have A Rough Life - Another Treat Review!

I am about to give a cat treat the absolute highest praise it is possible to give: Grace ate them.

If you've read any cat related review ever on this blog, you will remember that Grace does NOT eat treats. She seems to think it's un-ladylike or something. (Grace is, above all else, a LADY.) She will eat all the cat food in the house, but offer her a treat and she does the cat version of rolling her eyes at you before wandering off.

So, last night I broke out the snazzy treats that I was sent by, since we have a lovely agreement where they send me free stuff and I tell you guys "Hey! Look at this free stuff they sent me!" It's a pretty symbiotic relationship. Anyway, after I snapped a few photos of the treats for blogging purposes...

Love the resealable bag!

It was time to test them out. Have you ever been mobbed by a herd of cats? If that sounds like a bucket list experience for you, just grab a bag of these and head to my house. It's like an instant kitty mosh pit.

Lucky is a pro at this by now! (Ignore my weird nail.)

Every single cat gobbled these up... even Grace! In all of my other treat reviews, it has been "The cats all loved them, except Grace, but she never eats treats." I still can't get over the fact that she ate them! (several!)

These Nature's Variety Instinct Raw Boost Minis come in Chicken and Duck formulas (we went for chicken.) Since they're freeze dried, they're soft but crunchy. They were a little big for the kittens, so I broke a few up for them to try, but Tallulah (who had several teeth pulled last year) had no problem with them.

My favorite thing about these treats (other than my total shock that Grace ATE them!) is that the ingredients are all natural. Seriously, I understand what every item on the ingredient list is! The top two ingredients are chicken and turkey, and other ingredients include butternut squash, salmon oil, broccoli and carrots. See? Real food!

I must buy more of these eventually, if only to have a treat Grace will actually eat!

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barkergirl33 said...

I have to get some of these-my mom's cats have never had a treat they would eat! My crew will eat anything, I can't even open my cabinet for anything without 10 eyes staring me down. I'm glad your guys liked them and that they're healthy-wish me luck, I've been trying to get her cats to like me-so naturally I'm going to resort to bribery! ~Raine~