Thursday, August 22, 2013

Yellow Dress Makeover!

This is probably one of my easiest dress makeovers so far! Nothing super technical here, but I thought I'd share anyway!

Do I look appropriately miserable? Could this dress be any less flattering? The shape is awful - it's basically a baggy sack that hits me at an awful length. Yikes!

The colorful tropical print of this dress was totally fun and summery, but when you have THAT much of the print as a head to toe look, it's a little too much. I wanted to tone it down just a bit to make it more wearable! I'm actually going to be getting two garments out of this dress - yay! While I was trying it on, I measured about how long I would need a top to be, and then sliced the rest off to use as a skirt. Voila! I set the top half aside for a future project - today is all about the lower half!

In order to figure out how much to take the skirt in I slipped it on, found the center back seam, pinched it in a place that felt about right, and inserted a couple of pins to mark the distance. I didn't get them quite centered, but I was able to split the difference and come up with a pretty good measurement. 

Pointing to the hard to see pin.

Once the skirt was smaller, I just had to attach it to a new top! I grabbed a spare white tank top (I tend to grab basics like that during bag sales - they always come in handy!) and pinned the skirt to it. Sorry that I forgot to take a pic of the tank top itself, but it wasn't anything exciting!

To mark where I wanted to attach the skirt, I tried on the top and inserted a couple of pins where I wanted the skirt to begin. (See the white pin below). Then I just pinned the skirt right below where I marked.

All I had to do then was stitch the two pices together, and voila! Much more flattering!

Sorry the lighting is a little off, still getting the hang of the new camera!

The white top is still a little baggy below the arms, but it's not a big enough deal for me to go back in and make more adjustments. Overall, I'm pretty pleased with how this turned out! I'm curious how it would look with a belt or some kind of ribbon added where the two fabrics meet. Might have to experiment when I get time!

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