Friday, September 20, 2013

Blogtember - Comfort

Espresso | Starbucks Coffee Company

Friday, September 20: React to this term: comfort. 

Is it weird that when I think of comfort, the first thing that comes to mind is a big delicious cup of coffee? Or, this time of year, a whipped cream topped pumpkin spice latte? I think that I reach for coffee in the same way that Brits tend to decide it's time for a cup of tea. I've hit such a superhuman level of caffeine tolerance that it doesn't give me energy, it calms me.

I've never really been a comfort food person, other than that one time with the brownies when I first moved to Orlando. I'm definitely more into my comfort books and movies.

Does it get better than the Lord of the Rings trilogy when it comes to comfort movies? Doubtful. Once, when I had to get a root canal, my dentist had these amazing glasses that you could wear to watch a movie during the procedure. I picked Fellowship of the Ring (I mean, obviously), and let me tell you... there is nothing better than that movie while totally doped up on the laughing gas. I was SO INTO IT. I was totally pissed that she finished with my tooth before we even got to the Council of Rivendell. I was all "Do more teeth! I'm busy here!"

My other comfort movie? Ever After. Less orcs, more cheese. Total comfort movie awesomeness.

When it comes to books, I have many, but the Harry Potter series tops the list. I spent most of last night in bed with Order of the Phoneix, trying to recover from an especially crappy week.

And finally, these pants from Clean Spirited. I have them in charcoal, and they are THE BEST.

Alternative Women's Yoga Pants - Grey Clean Spirited Eco Friendly Women's Apparel

And now I'm off to check out what some other Blogtember participants think when they think about comfort! There are SO many blogs participating that I've only had time to check out a few each day, but I wish I could read them all!


Jenn said...

I think I need a par of these pants. Fun post! I'm all about the comfort.

Bekki Boster said...

oh i love fall, just for this reason! :) happy fall

Pam Halligan said...

On a rainy day, I, too, would enjoy cozying up for a day of Lord of the Rings. I also would love to try those pants.

Helen said...

I love the way you think of comfort I too like to veg out in front of the tv to a great movie or read a good book and the pumpkin latte is an excellent treat to go with either :)

Katie said...

I want those pants!

Remus said...

My idea of comfort is a cup of coffee and a good book and it raining outside.....