Thursday, September 05, 2013

Checking In

Whoa, I haven't posted in a while! Oops? I've been super busy and distracted the past week or so, so I wanted to show you guys a sign of life and let you know I'm still here! Here's a bit of what's up!


I am so excited, especially since today's shows include Tadashi Shoji AND Richard Chai - 2 of my favorites! If you want to do some reading of my old Fashion Week posts, you can find 'em all here!
  • This is going to be the very first NYFW to include a plus sized collection. I'm really curious to see how it will go!
  • Yep, I'm still in MO. Supposed to be leaving for Florida very soon, but still waiting to hear from my roommate about our actual date of departure! Going nuts in the meantime!
  • I managed a last trip to my favorite hiking trail yesterday (The one I blogged about here and here.) and loved getting to play in the woods again! The bad part was when I got overheated and super sick, but being surrounded by sparkly dragonflies for an hour almost makes up for it. (Almost.)
  • Are any of you guys watching America's Next Top Model? I voted back when they did the social media input thing, and at that time I thought this season looked sort of sucktacular. But so far, I'm pretty drawn in. Having both men and women in the house has added an interesting dynamic. So far, Jourdan seems like the favorite to win, but who knows? Personality-wise, I adore Cory. 
And let's round things out with a few links I'm digging right now! I haven't done this in a while!

*40 Days of Dating is a fascinating read. It's two friends who decided to date for 40 days and blog about the ups and downs as they explore their habits and intentions. I'm only up to day 32, hope to finish reading today!

*I'm thoroughly enjoying Danger Diary, the blog of burlesque dancer Veronica Varlow. 

Huh. I thought I had more than two links to share. Oh well, maybe next time!

And finally, this has nothing to do with anything, but I came across it at random and had to share:

I totally had this Barbie. That dress was awesome.

I'll be posting like mad as soon as NYFW really gets rolling, and I have a few fun reviews and giveaways coming up, too! Plus, of course, posts and vlogs out the wazoo once I'm on my way to Florida! I actually have an entire notebook that is rapidly filling with ideas for posts once I'm back home. There's so much that I want to show you guys!

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