Thursday, September 12, 2013

Even More Spring/Summer 2014 Fashion Week!

I've regretted not including this Otswald Helgason sweater ever since I hit publish on the last post. I thought that maybe that post already had enough balloon animals, but... no. It did not. (Side note- I'm sad that thus far, this balloon animal motif is the silliest thing I've seen this season. Where's all the weirdness??)

Anyway! Happy Almost End of Fashion Week, people!

I need this DVF dress in my life! I'm in love with the shape and the colors and the pattern and the little hint of lace peeking out the hem. I do question the length a little bit. It seems like raising or lowering the skirt hem a couple of inches would have had created more balance with the almost full length sleeves.  (Speaking of which, are those supposed to be that length? I can't tell if they've just gathered a bit at the elbows, or if it's an intentional 5/6 length thing going on.)

I usually don't dig 3.1 Philip Lim, but this geology inspired collection was fun! Check out the rocks on the shoes!

Is this Adam Lippes dress the fashionable cat lady version of a howling wolf t-shirt?

Need a dress that says "I got into a horrific accident on the way here"? ADEAM has you covered!

It always makes me happy to see a fresh take on the Little Black Dress! Nice one, Barbara Tfank! (Hate the shoes, though.) I really like this collection, but I wish more effort had been put into the presentation.

Is there anything more fun than a Bestey Johnson show? (Okay, maybe there are SOME things. But still.) I find they're best enjoyed if you can play whatever song she used while viewing the photos, so I put on "Pretty In Pink" by the Psychadelic Furs before diving into this 80s party of sillyness and enjoyed it that much more. Betsey's shows never even raise the question "But would real women wear that?", they just delight in the theatrics. And that's enough.

I wasn't a huge fan of the Dion Lee collection in general, but I really appreciate this combination of textures. The rest of the looks did have some interesting moments in terms of playfulness with shape, but overall it missed the mark for me.

This Clover Canyon dress works for me on two levels. First, I just love the blend of graphic and organic elements. But like most designs, it's more fun when you understand where it came from. I know that the Easmes were one of the inspirations for this collection, so I can't help but relate this dress to the Eames house:

...but then I assume that's what the designer was going for?

I feel like wearing this Douglas Hannant gown would feel like wearing a beach sunset. Such a great use of color.

Yesterday's Anna Sui show turned out to be so awesome that I need to do an entire post about it, so expect that soon, plus at least one more post of highs and lows as NYFW wraps up!

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