Sunday, September 08, 2013

Fashion Week! Part 3!

I hope you guys aren't tired of Fashion Week yet (HA! Is that even possible?) because we're just getting started!

I know that Alexander Wang has a rabid band of followers and I have tried to work up some affection for him, but his aesthetic and mine are just worlds apart. That said, this look totally got pinned to my "sewing inspiration" Pinterest board, because there's something really interesting going on with the layering here!

(I'm doing a "read more!" thing because at the rate I've been posting images, my blog is going to take a year to load!)

Max Azria is totally my bofriend, and I love the Herve Leger collection's use of prints taken from Polynesian body art. The dress would be pretty great on its own, but the leather zippered corset thing makes it even better. Every line in this design is perfect for flattering the body's shape. Genius.

The Jen Kao show was hit and miss for me, but I did find this interesting. I'm going to name it the Magical Bunny Dress. (I also have an appreciation for the collection's theme of serendipitous pairings.)

Speaking of themes I relate to, Jill Stuart was inspired by rock stars' girlfriends. The collection itself didn't resonate with me as much as I'd expect, but the styling was spot on with the heavy black liner and slightly mussed hair.

I don't actually have anything interesting to say about the Lacoste show, I just thought we might all enjoy staring at this model for a minute or five.

I usually don't go for all black or white collections (or black and white in this case), but I love how these Threeasfour dresses were presented - the almost holy lighting, the contrasting sharp, angular wigs, minimal makeup, and mostly androgynous models. Stunning.

Every now and then I come across a dress that just looks like it would be so much fun to wear. This Mara Hoffman gown is one of them.

Funny enough, both Mara Hoffman (the last designer I mentioned) and Otswald Helgason said their collections were inspired by happiness, and both made me happy. How fun is the balloon animal print on this skirt?? Pretty awesome, but not as great as...

Balloon animals humping. This is the best. The rest of Fashion Week can just go home now.

Prabal Gurung's Marilyn-inspired high tech 50's collection feels worth mentioning. Although a lot of the styles were too conceptual for most of us to really wear, I adore the sunglasses and this look in particular made me happy. The slightly darker purple shoes are the perfect touch. The best part was that the collection was FUN to browse through, something that doesn't happen often enough.

...But seriously, how can I get my hands on those sunglasses??

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ReviewsSheROTE Pamela R said...

The balloon animals are fun--wouldn't ware the tee myself--I would however LOVE that skirt!!!!