Wednesday, September 18, 2013

New York Fashion Week Part... I have no idea. 5?

New York Fashion Week has finally come to an end! Time for me to catch up on commenting on the shows!

Marc McNairy has just made me realize that there isn't enough rubber duckier print camouflage in the world. Loved the playfulness of this show.

In a sharp contrast to that last look, I love this sort of lingerie meets ice fairy princess look from Marchesa. The whole collection had a beautiful softness and was visually fascinating.

My other favorite from Marchesa. There's a hint of 1920's going on, but not in the overdone Flapper way. Love how it becomes a little more messy in construction as you move down the body. Also, I love the dainty bows on the shoes.

This Michael Kors look reminded me of that dress Bjork wore with the swan around the neck. I'm not generally a fan of his, but I think that I almost would have liked this collection if he'd gone with a different color palette. All of the brown and grey was too depressing, especially for spring.

Naeem Khan frustrates me with the almost perfection of this collection. Every look was *almost* great, but needed some little tweak to hit that next level.

And now, I am amazingly totally finished with NYFW shows! (Other than the Anna Sui one that I want to do a whole big post about, but I need time to put that together!) Time for London Fashion Week!

Want more Fashion Week love? Check out the posts over at katerini mou! She and I have very similar taste in designers!

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