Friday, September 06, 2013

New York Fashion Week! WOOT! Spring/Summer 2014 RTW - Part 1

Do I even need to reiterate how frickin' excited I am for Fashion Week? Probably not? Let's dive in! Here are my highlights so far:

So, here's the thing... I almost never like 10 Crosby Derek Lam. I love this opening look, though. It may be more about the way the photographer captured the moment than the actual garment, but it caught my attention.

The rest of the collection was less eye-catching, but I do also really like this top. I wonder if I could make my own version of this?

I really liked this romantic Erin Fetherston collection, especially how it was photographed barefoot and outdoors with fun accessories.

My other favorite from the collection. How much fun would it be to wear that skirt?

The print on these shorts showed up a couple of times in the Honor show, and I kind of love it. A lot of the looks were very "I dug this awesome stuff out of Grandma's closet", in the best possible way. I fell in love with most of the fabrics in this collection, actually. There was so much delicate lace, but the other standout print was a light blue fabric printed with a wood grain design. Unexpected but awesome. One of my favorite collections so far.

Another look from the Honor collection that I had to comment on, simply because I am obsessed with that sheer little white piece on the blouse. Reminds me a bit of a bridal veil. I just plain dig it.

Most of the press I've seen about the Richard Chai Love show has been really positive, but although his collections usually rank among my favorites, I just didn't love this one. Possibly because the emphasis was on geometric design, which just isn't my thing?

The show did have one especially noteworthy moment:

A model stumbles during the fashion show from the Richard Chai Spring Summer 2014 collection on Thursday, Sept. 5, 2013, during Fashion Week in New York. Photo: Bebeto Matthews

Oh, poor model. Besides the fact that tripping in such a huge show must be awful, the angle of her foot looks really painful!

Robert Rodriguez drew me in with this opening look. I love pretty much everything that's going on here, and I need those shoes immediately.

Another favorite from the collection. Perfection.

Okay, I'm going to cut this post off here, because it's already fairly image heavy! I still have half a dozen shows from Day 1 left, and Day 2 shows have already begun, so I'm sure I'll have much more to discuss soon!

So far, the main thing I've noticed for Spring is the color palette - lots of pretty shades of blue and turquoise, coral, and blush pink. Although there also has been an abundance of black and white!

Do you have any favorites so far? Or any shows you're really looking forward to?

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