Monday, October 21, 2013

Current Status: October

Even on a bad day, this drawing of a fancy hippogriff can make me smile. (It was drawn by an Alohomora podcast fan for Laura. It is magnificent.)

Current Book: I've been listening to the audiobook of the first volume of Game of Thrones, and I finally have just ONE hour left! (It's like 34 hours, y'all! And my library only gave it to me for a week!) At first I was all "Dude, this is a lot of characters to keep up with" (no, I still have never watched the show. I'm a books first person.) but once I got people straight in my head, I really enjoyed it. I won't post any spoilers in case you, like me, are a good decade behind the rest of the world, but I will say that I like George RR Martin's style of storytelling. (For example, a character that feels like they're set up as the main hero of the story might not make it through the first book.) I want to watch Season 1 now, but given that I have neither HBO nor disposable income, I'm stuck for now. (But oh! I DO finally have a TV again! My neighbor had a yard sale last month and I scored one for $5! The remote doesn't work, but I don't really watch enough TV for that to be an issue.)

Current Music: I'm in an odd phase where I'm not really listening to much right now. Like... there's nothing that I'm excited to put on when I'm in the car, no new band I've stumbled across, nada. So strange!

Current drink: After my second $5 Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks this season, I was sort of struck with the absurdity of paying that much for one cup of coffee. I mean yes, Sbux is always a bit overpriced, but there's something about crossing the five dollar mark for the smallest size that just seems nuts. I decided to be totally disloyal and check out the one McDonalds is offering this year, and I was pretty happy with it. It's not rock your world amazing, but it definitely satisfies the craving, and if you go during their $1 off McCafe hours (2-4 pm, I think), you can get a small one for under $2. Would I rather have the classic from Starbucks? Generally, yeah. But when I can get three of the others for the price of one Starbucks... yeeeeah. 

Current food: I've been obsessed with Campbell's Slow Kettle Tuscan White Bean soup. Like, in an "I want to eat this at all meals" way. 

Current need: Warmth. It's not even winter yet, and I'm already like "I can not deal with this cold!"

Current Wish List: Oh, how I need a new phone. I guess not "need", I will not fall over dead without it, but my dinosaur of a BlackBerry is on my last nerve. And yet every time I almost have enough spare cash to finally get something Android-y, something comes up. (Yeah, I suppose I should probably fix that tire that's missing a chunk and might blow any time before I get a new phone?)

Current bane of my existence: Remember my cracked tooth from August? Yeeeah, it broke in half. It's a DELIGHT. #BeingPoorIsFun

Other Randomness: I emailed Canon at like 5 am last night (or "this morning", for you normal people) asking why the eff I'm getting such crappy image quality from my new PowerShot. Seriously, the graininess of these photos makes images from my decade old 3 MP Nikon look super crisp and clean in comparison. And yep, this is the camera that I bought in July. I got an email back from Canon's support team like 45 minutes later suggesting that I take the batteries out, clean their sensors with a pencil eraser, and see if that fixed it. Are you totally shocked to hear that this didn't solve the problem? It's still under warranty, so I may send it in to get checked out this week. 

An example of the sucky quality I'm getting:

Yes, I just grabbed the closest object to take test photos with. But seriously, doesn't this look like it was taken with a lower end cell phone, and not a 16 MP brand frickin new Canon on one of the higher image quality settings? Grrr! Have any of you guys ever had a similar problem? (And yes, I know that one of the obvious conclusions is "Hey, Crystal, maybe you're just a shitty photographer?" But a) hey man, be nice to me, and b) I feel like if I've been able to get rockin' photos on my dinosaur of a Nikon for the past decade, I should be able to at least get acceptable ones on a new camera, and c) is for cookie, and d) this is an entry level point and shoot camera, y'all. A kid should be able to use it and get decent photos. 

This turned into much longer of a rant than I expected, but I'm grumpy. I bought this because my old camera was so close to dead that it was totally that guy in Monty Python and the Holy Grail who is all "I don't want to go on the cart! I feel happy!" and I needed something for everyday use until I can afford a snazzy new dSLR. (Because let's face it, with my general poverty level, it's gonna be a while before I can throw down hundreds of dollars for a shiny new fancypants camera.) But this level of sucktasticness is totally not acceptable, especially with how often I need to take photos for things like product reviews and giveaways. If a company is sponsoring a post, I feel like I owe them pretty pictures, ya know? 

Okay, rant over. Let's end this post on a less grumpy note, shall we? 

Better? I thought so.

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