Monday, October 14, 2013

Nutrition for aging cats with #HillsPet

It's hard to believe that my mom's cat Tiger Lily, who was born right in the middle of my bed... now ten years old!

She's still what is considered a "mature adult" (ages 7-10), but next May she officially makes the jump to "senior" (11+)! According to the cat age calculator I found, a 10 year old cat is equivalent to a 56 year old human, and an 11 year old cat is about 60 in human years.

People aren't the only ones who can see anti-aging benefits from what we eat; as cats start to enter the senior stage of life, their nutrition should start to focus on foods that help prevent diseases that often accompany aging. Healthy cat food can fight the signs of aging, helping your cat to maintain their quality of life and continue to have the energy to interact with you and play!

I'm thinking about picking up the Hill's Science Diet Active Longevity food for Lily, since it's made for her age group and is made to reduce stress on kidneys while improving skin and coat health. Hill's says that within a month of feeding it, you should see less sleeping and increased activity - that would be awesome! Lily has definitely become more sedentary, not to mention putting on a few pounds! Hill's offers two formulas  of dry food for mature adult kitties and three for seniors. I love that the variety of options means that you can have food made for older cats that still addresses specific needs, like the hairball control formula. (There's a selection of wet foods available for both mature and senior cats, too!)

I love the idea that the right nutrition can slow down the signs of aging! I'm definitely going to keep this in mind when Jasper hits 7 years old (He just turned 5! I can't believe we've already been buddies that long!), and I'm curious to see if there really is a noticeable difference within a month if I try it out for Lily! 

Do you guys feed your older cats anything special? What's the oldest cat you've ever had?

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