Friday, November 29, 2013

Clairol Root Touch-Up Review and Giveaway

Do you guys ever have one of those moments when you're looking in the mirror and you suddenly realize that it has been WAY too long since you've dyed your hair? I'm bad at noticing that roots have been creeping in, since it's such a gradual thing, so it seems like one day I'm fine and the next day I have two totally different colors of hair!

Vocalpoint hooked me up with a free box of Clairol Nice n' Easy root touch up, a home hair dye intended to be used for a quick touch-up so that you don't have to totally re-dye your hair when roots start peeking through.

This comes in 21 different shades, but my local Target and Walmart only had about 6-8 shades each. I was a little bummed to see the lack of reds, but I went with "Medium Auburn", since that's the category that my hair colors usually fall into. (I may have considered the Light Auburn if it had been available, but my stores only had medium and dark.)

Instead of mixing the ingredients in a squeeze bottle like you would do with most home hair color kits, you mix these in that little round tray, so that it can be applied with the brush. (Don't worry, a pair of gloves are hiding inside that instruction sheet!)

I did kind of wish they'd included something other than the brush to mix with, but it got the job done!

I had more serious roots than this is really made for - it's intended to be used two or three weeks after you first cover, while I have a pretty solid 3" of roots going on. (Oops!) Thankfully, there was plenty of dye to cover my above average length of roots!

The worst roots are definitely up front!

The Good:
*The included brush applicator is awesome for getting dye right up to your hairline! I often end up with little undyed spots near my forehead where I didn't get the dye all the way to the edge, so I loved how easy the brush made it!
*You only need to leave the dye on for 10 minutes.

The Not So Good:
*I've been dying my hair for a lot of years, and I think this might be the worst smelling dye I've ever used! Even my cat left the bathroom while I was applying it!
*One of my favorite things about dying my hair at home is the awesome little tube of conditioner that usually comes with dye. No conditioner included here, though, alas!
*The area I dyed ended up super dark - as in darker than my naturally medium brown roots!. I thought that I got a decent "after" photo, but nope! My sad camera issues struck again, and I couldn't get a decent one. Sorry!

After my experience, I feel like this dye would be best for those who are using dye to cover grey, rather than someone like me who doesn't have grey and just likes changing the color up to something more fun. I'd also guess that a more normal blonde, brown or black shade would be much easier to match than my medium reddish brown!

I was sent some extra coupons, so it's giveaway time! 3 of you will each receive a coupon good for one free box of Clairol's Nice n' Easy Root Touch Up! That way you can check out the colors in store and pick out your favorite in person! Just enter using the Rafflecopter widget below. I'm keeping entries super simple this time! If you have any questions about entering, just leave a comment or email me! (Note: Since I'll be out of town most of the length of this giveaway, I may be a bit slow in replying, but I will get back to you ASAP!)

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