Monday, November 11, 2013

Paris Fashion Week - Part Deux!

Seriously, y'all, I get a little tingle just typing "Paris Fashion Week". MAGICAL. Let's pick up where we left off in the last post, shall we?

I adore this Jean Paul Gaultier look. The mix of a button down with the asymmetrical leather is so smart. (And just a little bit badass.)

Same collection, equally genius.

This, however, looks like something one of the Misfits would wear on Jem.

Had so much fun browsing this Junya Wantanabe collection! It was basically those techniques that we've all used to spice up an old band t-shirt applied to runway fashion. So fun! (Also, I want this headdress thing. Wait, maybe not, my cats would decapitate me.)

Ok, I take that back, too. I want this Louis Vuitton headpiece thingy! And the top. And the chance to stretch out on that carpet and take a nap, 'cause that just looks comfy.

Seriously, how spectacular is the atmosphere of this show?? I would kill to play dress-up in this stuff.

It's a long-running trend that I'm not that into the clothes from Maison Martin Margiela, but the shoes always rock. These are awesome. 

I never personally wear white (because a) I'm freakishly pale and it washes me out even more, and b) I spill stuff a lot), but I'm in love with this Nina Ricci pairing. Might have to make my own version of the coat. Although it does kind of look like she's wearing nipple jewelry. 

I still have at least one more Paris Fashion Week post to go, and then Milan! I've been so slow, it will be time for Fall again before I finish! Yikes!

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