Friday, November 15, 2013

Things I Love Thursday

As I mentioned in my Tuesday post, I'm starting a weekly roundup of random things that I'm loving at the moment! And yes, this was supposed to go up on Thursday (obviously), but things got crazy, so it's going up super early Friday (Or, hey, it's still Thursday if you're on the west coast!). Close is better than not at all, right? So here we go!

*I had a $20 Ulta gift card burning a hole in my pocket (well, purse) so after pondering the entire makeup half of the store for quite a while, I finally picked up an Urban Decay 24/7 liner pencil. These things really are as good as everyone says, y'all. I'm not sure if it will totally replace my love for the combo of Smashbox's angled liner brush with their gel liner, but it's pretty great. They come in literally like 40 different colors, but I just can't justify dropping 20 bucks on anything other than black. (Although the silver is pretty damn tempting.)

*Sometimes, when Bear is asleep, he reaches a paw out to hold my hand with. This is the very best thing that there is.

*How Historic Figures Would Look Today

A cat is a cat no matter what.
*Apparently cats love boxes, no matter what.

*These Russian dating site photos are better than anything you've ever taken.

*Archer Farms (Target's store brand) makes a southwestern couscous lunch bowl that I'm kind of obsessed with. I want to eat them all.

In love with this H&M dress!

*This dress from H&M. I need it so much. You can never go wrong with a red dress, and this shape would be rockin' on my body type. MUST HAVE.

*And one last bit of love - Today (the 15th) is the LAST day for voting in the Podcast awards! I've been begging everyone to vote constantly, so if you haven't yet (or if you have, since you can vote daily!) pleeeeease head over to and vote for The British History Podcast under the category of education! It only takes a minute, and you will totally make my day. Thank you!


Cheryl van den Berg said...

The UD pencils are totally my favorite. They truly are as good as the hype says they are. I need a new one actually.

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Tara Roth said...

The eyeliner pencils are so worth it. I have Perversion, Demolition, Scorch (bronze goldish), Cuff (the silver, its awesome and can be used so many ways), and the Naked 3 half Blackheart and the other color.