Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Tuesday Tell All #1

"Tuesday whaaaat?" you may be asking? I've decided to try out doing two new weekly posts! On Tuesdays I'll do this topic, which will mostly be a collection of things happening in my everyday life that weren't quite major enough to deserve a post of their own. Then on Thursdays I'm adding a "Things I Love Thursday" to share the links and items and other randomness that I'm currently digging. Cool? Cool.

So, here's what's up! (I should totally make a graphic for this if I keep doing them!)

Nobody likes blog posts with no pictures in them, so for absolutely no reason, here is a pic of a thing called a sloth bear. I think they are rad. 

*Are any of you guys watching Hart of Dixie this season? The first season was great, but then last season was kinda sucky. So far, this third season seems much better.

*I'm reading a great biography of Elizabeth of York, but it's taking me FOREVER because I have the worst attention span ever. I blame it on the internet. For example, if I read about a palace that her family stayed at, I think "I wonder if that still exists?" so I end up going to Google or Pinterest or something to look it up. Worse is when a person is mentioned, and I'm all "Okay, *which* Richard/Henry/Thomas/EveryoneHadTheSameNames was he again?", so I Wikipedia them up. I think we all knows what happens when you fall down the black hole that is Wikipedia. You start by looking up some dead English dude, and the next thing you know it's 4 a.m. and you're learning about the finer points of rocket science.

*Speaking of historical things, I know I already posted about this, but if you would go to podcastawards.com and vote for The British History Podcast under the category of education, I'd love you forever! And I'd be happy to return the favor if you ever need votes for something. Basically, we would be instant BFF's and I'd braid your hair and talk to you about boys and stuff. Unless that's not your thing. Seriously, though, please vote!

*I seriously need to know what kind of nail colors you guys have been into for fall. I keep walking through the beauty aisles at every store I go to, hoping to find something for my nails that feels Autumnal, but leaving with nothing. When I *finally* bought one that I thought would be awesome, it was a huge fail. (See this post.)

*I scored a giant bag of awesomeness at the thrift store's bag sale this morning! I'm considering doing a haul post, because I kind of miss doing those, and they actually help me organize my ideas. Although I should probably finish up some of my current sewing projects before I dig into new ones, but...

*Speaking of my thrifty outing today... my rear tire is now almost flat. Nope, this isn't the tire that's been missing a chunk for a couple of months that I keep worrying about having a blowout from. This is the other tire on the same side. I was supposed to run like fifty million more errands after shopping this morning, but I just didn't have the mental energy to deal with the tire, so I came home and napped instead. Adulthood: I fail at it often. (Although to be fair, Bear woke me up at like 3:30 last night, so I was running on 90 minutes of sleep. Napping was probably a good idea.)

*Speaking of Bear, I should totally blog photos of the awful costumes I subjected my cats to for Halloween. Let's see if I actually get around to doing that sometime before the end of the year!

Is that it for this week? I think so! Should we take bets on how long I manage to keep these up before getting distracted by something else?

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