Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tuesday Tell All #3

Yeah, I should have used Giles for Halloween week, but whatever.

*It's Tuesday! And holy cow, you guys, I looked at a calendar as I started writing this, and realized that I will be in Orlando in less than a WEEK! (I leave on Monday!) And then there was a moment where I came really close to sobbing with joy. I can not WAIT to go home. It's been so long since I've seen my city and my friends and my castle and my palm trees and actual freaking sunshine, it's going to be a glorious reunion.

*I've recently realized that I have been way too serious lately. To be fair, I've been dealing with an avalanche of serious stuff, but I'm really exhausted of letting it weigh me down. I miss having fun and being fun. This trip is at the perfect time. Doesn't every responsible adult deal with their problems by running away to Disney World?

*I've been working especially hard over the past week to get things done before I leave. I have this weird thing where I like to superclean my house before I go on vacation, because while coming home from a trip is always depressing enough, coming home to a total wreck of a house is way worse. I also feel like I need to get super caught up on online things so that I don't come home to 500 emails and 5000 unread posts on Bloglovin.

*Lately, I've been thinking a lot about how every relationship is completely different. (And I'm talking everything from casual flirtations to long term, serious stuff.) The feelings I've had for one person are like a completely different species from those I've had for someone else, if that makes sense. The ingredients are the same - physical attraction, affection, etc, but they just feel nothing alike. It's fascinating.

*I have pretty much no idea what to do for my birthday celebration yet. (I'm flying home on my actual birthday, so my plan is to celebrate the night before. You know, because nobody wants to actually sleep before a day of airport fun.) One friend suggested our favorite tapas restaurant, which is a pretty solid idea, and another brought up the Greek restaurant where we did my 27th or 28th bday, where there are bellydancers and dancing on the tables is encouraged. (always fun). I'm leaning towards just spending all night hanging out near that stand in Epcot that sells the Grand Marnier slushies, but that's probably not the most exciting idea.

*I dug my suitcase out of the closet to start packing, and the poor thing is so very beaten up. It's covered in cat fur, and they also seem to have been using it as a scratching post, because it's totally frayed in parts. Don't laugh at me too much, security people.

*I am totally pathetic as a human today. The day started off productively enough, but then I took allergy medicine that knocked me out (I am weird, pretty much ANY medication makes me sleepy.) Woke up 5 minutes before my chiropractor appointment, nearly fell back asleep on the roller table thingy, came home and ate half a bag of those disgusting butter puff things that look like popcorn but are not, and am now considering going back to sleep, because I still feel gross. (And yep, still sneezing.)

*Yep, definitely time for another nap. Later, kids.

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