Saturday, December 14, 2013

An Attempt To Brighten A Dreary Day

You guys can not even begin to imagine how much mail was waiting for me when I got back from Florida. I get a lot of mail and packages in general, so given that I was gone for over 2 weeks... yeah. There was a lot.

I had one ginormous box from Platefull Co-Op full of supplies to make Tropical Island Chex mix. Given that the ground is covered in snow and everything outside is grey and dreary, anything tropical sounded pretty great! (If you happen to live near a Publix, my favorite grocery store ever, they have a BOGO deal on several flavors of Chex until Dec 18!)

Ingredient List

So, here's the thing... I live by myself and I don't eat all that much, so I have no idea what I would do with 20 servings! I decided to just make a large-ish mug full for now. I'm also not a fan of math, so rather than attempting to divide all of the recipe ingredients by 20, I just played it by ear.

Ingredients assembled! (Um, except for the coconut. What on earth did I do with it? Oops.)

My improvised recipe went something like this:

*Put a blob of butter/margarine in a cup and microwave until melted. Mix in enough brown sugar to make it kind of syrupy. Add a small splash of fruit juice, since I have no orange or pineapple juice concentrate, and the roads are too gross from the weather to go buy some. 

*Drizzle above mixture over about 2/3 cup of the Rice Chex. Stir with a fork to make sure all of the cereal is coated with sugary goodness. Microwave some more.

*Let microwaved mix cool, then sprinkle in some dried fruit and nuts. Mix up. Eat.


Thankfully it's hard to go wrong combining Chex, sugar, and fruity things, even if you totally ignore the recipe. I'd still much rather be snacking on this on an actual tropical island, rather than in my little snow-covered house!

Disclosure: I received the aforementioned big box-o-ingredients to inspire my post, but was not otherwise compensated.


Katie said...

Great, now I'm hungry!

Tammy Woodall said...

Thank you for this information. I've been wanting a new snack but not high in calories, but not the same ole stuff. This will definitely do the trick. Thanks.