Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas List

Dear Santa,
Here's a bunch of stuff I totally need. As long as you drop it off by tonight, I won't even consider it late. Cool? Thanks.
PS- That is totally a different Crystal on the naughty list. Wasn't me.

Ann Demeulemeester Fall 08 Lace Up Boots -  These are basically my holy grail.

Yes, these boots from the Fall 2008 Ann Demeulemeester runway show still top my wish list. Every now and then I see a pair on ebay for a couple thousand dollars, but they're never my size. (And I don't have a couple thousand dollars.)

Think Geek's R2-D2 car charger. He plugs into your cigarette lighter and has two USB ports. Plus, I just feel better driving around if I have an astromech droid with me.

I want Wonderfalls to come back on TV. Sure, it was canceled like a decade ago, but it needs to come back. This is only 24% because of Lee Pace.

But mostly because it was the best.

Argonath bookends. I've wanted these for like a decade. Should have sucked it up and bought the special edition LOTR dvd, I guess.

Fine, fine, I know. I can't actually have a puppy. But we kept seeing Huskies while walking around Lake Eola last week, and I neeeeeeeeeed one, you guys. Just look at that adorable yet kind of badass face! Plus, I could totally pretend I was on Game of Thrones and my dog was a dire wolf. That would change everything.

I think these are all totally reasonable requests.

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