Friday, December 13, 2013

Friends and Limited Edition Beer. YAY!

“I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Millennial Central for Budweiser. I received a product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for participating.

I am pretty much the luckiest girl ever - not only did I get to spend Thanksgiving with a bunch of friends this year, but Budweiser sent us a box of their limited edition small batch beers to enjoy over the holiday, too! 

Friends + Free Beer = Excellent holiday!

We did run into one small snag when it came to enjoying the Project 12 beer with our Thanksgiving celebration - there was some kind of shipping problem and my box-o-beer didn't arrive until December 5th! Oops! Oh well, beer is good any time, right? The change in date meant that I didn't have a big group of friends around to share with, but my friends Katie and Dan (who I was staying with at the time) were more than happy to jump in and give these a try with me! (There's a post about my actual Thanksgiving with friends coming up soon, too! The fact that the beer didn't arrive in time ended up being fortuitous, as my friend Ashlee, who I spent Thanksgiving with, was moving the next day, so we spent the evening trying to drink up everything in the house so it wouldn't have to go in the moving truck!)

If you didn't figure it out from the infographic above, the beer that Budweiser sent us were the limited edition winners voted as the favorites in their Project 12 contest. Each beer hails from a different part of the country, and has distinct flavor characteristics. 

Hi, Beer! I love that the labels are printed with the signature of the brewmaster that created them!

So, here's what you should know before we get into the taste testing: I pretty much NEVER drink beer. Katie does occasionally, and Dan is the most beer-savvy of our trio. You should also know that my desktop computer, on which I do all of my photo editing, kicked the bucket right before I left for Florida, so all I could do with these photos was resize them in Paint. High tech!

First up was the North Pacific Style Lager. I'll confess here that since I'm not really a beer person, I didn't expect to like any of these very much, but I was surprised to find that I actually kind of liked this! It's still not something I'd chug a bottle of, but I enjoyed sipping on my glass for a while. I must like hops, because this one is full of it! We were all pleased by the fact that there was no bitter aftertaste, and that it was smooth to drink. Of the three varieties, I'd rate this one the most beer-y (which is totally a word). 

Cheers to beer! (That's my hand in the foreground. Apparently I am "Sir Not Appearing In This Film.")

Katie would insist that I mention that she "helped". 

Up next was the Vanilla Bourbon Cask, which was the lightest and sweetest of our trio of beer choices. This was Katie's favorite of the three, and my second favorite. Judging by this photo, it is best when served with a side of peanut butter and Dan's hand. I enjoyed this beer, too, and we overall voted it as being a little heavier and smoother than the first. 

Check out this action shot! Oooh, ahhhh!

The Beechwood Bock was our third and final beer to try. This one ended up being Dan's favorite, but Katie was not a fan.

We tried, somewhat unsuccessfully, to recreate Katie's "Noooooo!" face that happened upon tasting it.

Thor, however, thought it was great.

This beer is brewed with chocolate and caramel malts. I definitely picked up on the caramel, but not the chocolate. However, I tried a friend's chocolatey beer earlier this week, and it had a very distinct chocolate flavor, so I guess I was expecting something less subtle. If you're a fan of dark beers, this may rank high for you (as was the case for Dan.) 

We all had a great time sampling the three beers, and I thought it was interesting that each of us chose a different one as our favorite. (Thor only tried one, so he didn't get a vote.) If you dig beer (and hey, most people do!) I'd definitely suggest checking these out while they're available! I also suggest rewarding friends who let you sleep on their couch with a big box of free beer, but that's probably a given, right?

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Lisa Kerr said...

Thats so awesome that you got to try out Budweiser Limited Edition Beer! I didnt even know that they made that kind of beer. It look like you had a good time trying it! Have a wonderful New Years!