Monday, January 28, 2013

2013 Pre-Fall Fashions - Part 3

I'm back with part 3 of my look at the Pre-Fall collections for 2013! I think it was Nanette Lapore who said "Pre-Fall is the new Resort", and I'm starting to believe it. It seems to be growing in leaps and bounds as a "season"!

While I wouldn't quite say that I like this look from Lanvin, it did make me say "Oooh." It's just striking.

And now a moment of disappointment. While I rarely like the clothes in any given Maison Martin Margiella show, the shoes are usually to die for. So imagine my disappointment when the new collection was all about these stumpy, frumpy boots. I have the sads.

Dear Oscar De La Renta,
Please explain yourself. NOW.

I love this Reem Acra dress, but I feel like it may have one detail too many, like that old Coco Chanel quote about taking off one thing. I liked this collection as a whole, though - the playfulness with transparency was a lot of fun.

I'm so excited to go dive into the Spring Couture collections now!

Friday, January 25, 2013

How to Use Google Maps to Find and Research Apartments

As a part of my series of posts for those planning to move to Orlando/Work at Disney, I'm going to be offering quite a few tips on finding a place to live. Today, I wanted to show you guys one of my favorite ways to research apartments - Google Maps! I feel like it's a totally under-utilized tool when it comes to apartment searches, so I'm going to give a quick tutorial on how it can help you get info about a place if you're not able to drive right over and see it in person. (Or, even if you're looking for an apartment in a city you already live in, to check a place out a bit closer before you spend your day driving over to see it in person.)

I'm using Orlando as the example for this post, but this will generally work in any city, although smaller towns may not have as many places where you can use street view. You can probably also use Mapquest, Bing's map program or other map sites to do similar functions, but Google Maps is the one I'm most familiar with, so that's what I'm showing here. 

I do have some other posts planned with tips on apartment hunting online, as well as what to look for when you visit a place in person. Today's post is just focusing on the Google Maps search alone. 

To begin, pick an area you think you'd like to live. For this example, I'm going to pretend that I'm going to be working at Sea World and want to find an apartment close to work. (You could always search Orlando as a whole, but that brings up SO many places to look through, so for the sake of simplicity, in this post I'm focusing on an very small search.) So first, we pull up Sea World...

Clicking where it says "SeaWorld Orlando" (right under the little "A" marker) brings up this box:

Click on "search nearby", and then type "apartments" into the box. 

Each little red letter is an apartment place (although sometimes places that don't match your search, like a hotel, might come up, too. It's not a perfect system.) This shows me that there are quite a few choices within a few miles of SeaWorld, mostly along International Drive. 

For this example, I'm going to use Google Maps to check out the closest apartments to Sea World (Monterey Lake), which is marked by the A. If I were actually working at SeaWorld, I'd find it pretty appealing that it's basically just the other side of the parking lot! (Just a note- this isn't an apartment community I endorse by any means- it actually doesn't appeal to me. I just needed to pick an example, so I went with the closest one!)

By zooming on on just the apartment complex, we can instantly see a few things. First, there's a bus stop right out front, which would be important if you know you might use public transport a lot. Second, we can see the number and location of the pools and tennis court. We can see that one of the back buildings is REALLY close to I-4 (basically the busiest street in town!), so unless you want a lot of traffic noise, you might make a note to try to avoid that building.

By zooming out just a little, I can see that the buildings to the north are Webster University, and the one on the bottom left part of the photo is the Orange County Sherif community center. Being able to see what's right around your apartment is one of my favorite things about using Google Maps. Are you right next to a fire station, where you might hear sirens going off all night? Or is the building bordered by undeveloped forest on one side?

By going into Street View (done by dragging the little orange guy from the compass at the top left onto the street you want to see- this isn't available for all streets) we're able to see what the entrance to the community looks like. From here, I can tell that there is no gate or guard shack, but there is a lot of foliage that seems to be nicely maintained.

By using the arrows to "drive" a little farther down the street, I can get a slightly closer look at the buildings. This can give you some idea of the parking situation, for one. The only problem is that these photos are  taken during the day when finding a parking spot is usually a lot easier than at night. You can also get an idea of what kind of cars the people who live there drive: Is the parking lot full of rusty sedans from the 90s that look like they might not make it five more miles, or are they all brand new sports cars and $40k SUVs? I'm not saying you can judge the residents by their cars, but every little clue helps if you're gathering info from afar.

There is the occasional apartment where the street view lets you "drive" right into the parking lot, which is especially helpful, since you can get a much closer look.

Next, I hopped over to a street view of I-4 to see just how close that back building is to the Interstate. Um, yeeeah. That's close!

From this view, I was able to zoom in on what appears to be the maintenance building. There's a tipped over wheelbarrow, but it doesn't look especially trashy.

Next, I'm going to search for nearby shopping by using the "Search nearby" feature again. You can use this to search something like "pizza", to see who might be nearby that you could order from, or you can be more specific and search "Dominos" to find the closest branch of your favorite pizza place. I usually search to see how far it is to the closest Wal-Mart, Target, and Publix, since those are the places that I shop most frequently. Basically, though, you can search for anything that's important to you. For instance, if you know you'll want to attend a yoga class three times a week, you can search for "yoga studio", and then follow the links provided to the closest places to check out their websites for class schedules, types of yoga offered, price, etc. 

Here's what happens when I search for Target:

So, this is where we learn that sometimes, Google isn't totally accurate. See how it says that Target A is 4.9 miles away? Here's what happens if I get directions from the apartments to that Target:

Now it says it's 7.4 miles instead of 4.9!

Although the driving times might be a little off, I really love to use this feature when I'm researching. If, for example, you *know* that you will be going to Target at least twice a week, how much would it suck to end up moving into a place only to find it's almost half an hour to the closest Target? You can also use it to check the proximity of things you don't want to live next to (such as a jail, or a cemetery if they freak you out).

Let's go back to a feature we kind of skipped over. You may have noticed that when I searched for apartments near Sea World, some places listed in the sidebar had a brief clip taken from a review:

Ahh, gotta love any review that starts with "drug dealers". (And I'm not sure that I want an apartment that smells like moo all the time.) Anyway, clicking where it says "11 reviews" takes us to a Google+ page with reviews of that property. (This place happens to get really awful reviews. Yikes!)

In my next posts about apartment hunting online, we'll cover some other useful sites for finding apartments, how to find honest reviews, neighborhoods to watch out for, and more! If you have any questions, feel free to ask! Hope this helps!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

2013 Pre-Fall Fashions - Part 2

Time for round 2 of the Pre-Fall 2013 looks! Spring '13 Couture runway shows are happening right now, and I can't wait to cover those!

Does this Elie Tahari jacket remind anyone of the active wear jacket I just got at Old Navy?

This Herve Leger by Max Azria dress is amazeballs!

I'm really drawn to this Alberta Ferretti dress, but I'm not quite sure why. It borders on having too much going on, especially with those shoes, but it still appeals to me.

I love a good leather pant, and I find these from Barbara Bui kind of fascinating. They remind me a little of chaps!

I know I'm basically the only person who loved Lucy Liu's Carolina Herrera dress at the Golden Globes, but here it is! I like the short version, too!

I really like this Escada dress! There's so much blue with black in pre-fall, but this one feels fresh. There's a lightness to the top, despite the heavy skirt and colors.

I must go forth and buy groceries! Not looking forward to heading out in this below freezing weather!!

V-Day Sale!

As you might remember if you've read this blog for more than a year, I always make a point of buying myself something fun for Valentine's Day. I've been a little stuck when it comes to what to get this year! Last year I got a really gorgeous emerald green corset (I'm sooo a year ahead of the trends!), but there hasn't been a lot of new lingerie added to the inventory lately! (except for a couple of pairs of really cute panties, which I already ordered.) I might get what I intended to get last year, but didn't get around to because it went out of stock...

Celebrate it's a slice duo - Bath and shower gel

Celebrate: It's A Slice Duo – bath and shower gel
This is usually $29.99, so with the 20% off it would be $24. I have a mini travel size of the shower gel, and it has lasted forever, so I can't even imagine how long that giant bottle would last!

I'm tooootally in love with pretty much all of Cake Beauty's products! They're a Canadian company that makes really decadent bath and beauty products with natural ingredients. It's A Slice is one of my favorite scents- it's a creamy orange smell, kind of like orange sherbet.

There are a lot of fun Valentine's Day thing on the site right now, including an awesome infographic of fun Valentine's day info! I tried to stick it directly in my post, but the size just would not cooperate. Sorry! You can click here to check it out, though. I liked the part with all of the different flowers and what they represent. (Seeing that sunflowers equal "Purity and lofty thoughts" made me laugh, since those are Rory's favorite on Gilmore Girls, and that fits her perfectly!)

Anyone have fun plans for V-Day? (Or VD, as I like to call it)

Monday, January 21, 2013

Bachelor Recap - Episode 3

It's Bachelor night again!

Tonight's episode opens with footage of Sean working out. Again. I'm already bored. Taking care of your body is great, but... does he ever do anything else?

Robin says she hopes the date card says "Robin- let's ditch these bitches and go fall in love for real." If that's what you want the card to say, I think you're dating the wrong guy, honey.

Lesley gets the one on one date, which isn't surprising because a) she and Sean had good chemistry at the group date last week, and b) it's been in all the promos. Sean takes her to the Guinness World Records museum, and she's basically like "Museum? This blows."  I admittedly kind of like these two together.

Next, he tells her they're going to try to break a record. I'm personally hoping that he's aiming for "most Twinkies eaten in an hour" or something, but no, they're going for the longest on-screen kiss. In other words, I'm about to have a few minutes to catch up on Twitter and e-mails.

The record is 3 min, 15 seconds. Do I really have to sit here and watch this for that long? The rules dude says that their lips have to continue touching the entire time. Wouldn't that get kind of annoying after a while? I mean, I'm a big fan of kissing, but you need the pauses in there! And maybe some time to breathe. Just sayin'.

Thankfully, they do a split screen thing so we're not staring at just the smooches for the solid length of time. Sean says "The hardest part was..." and I obviously automatically finish his thought with "Your penis", but no, he says "trying not to laugh". The record has been in place for 10 years, which makes me curious about what show/movie it was on. That kind of thing must have been harder before the world was flooded with reality TV.

When they hit the dinner part of the date, Sean asks Lesley "Tell me about growing up." If it were me, I'd be like "Well, when children hit what is called puberty, their bodies start going through all sorts of changes!" This is why nobody will ever cast me on one of these shows.

At this point, I am wondering who takes the photos of the girls for their bio pages on the Bachelor site. Compare Lesley's bio pic:


To this pic of her on the date:

As a general rule, shouldn't you look *better* in a professional photo?

Back at the mansion, AshLee kinda wins my heart (despite her super awkward name) when they read the group date card and she says "I'm kind of glad I'm not going on the group date, because it sounds like something active." I feel ya, girl.

The group date is beach sports, and at one point, Sean shocks everyone by actually putting on a shirt.

Don't worry, it didn't last long or anything. Actually, one of the girls says "Sean, take off your shirt!" and he replies "If you insist!" in such an assy, cocky way. Blech.

I don't think there's a polite way to say this, but... from this photo, I kinda get why Tierra acts so insecure now. Ashley S from a bunch of seasons ago remarked that there's a surprising lack of fake boobs this season, and she seems to be right! Maybe Sean requested au natural boobage?

Daniella tells us that playing volleyball to win alone time is "literally my worst nightmare", so we have this week's abuse of the word "literally". I wonder if Daniella was the offender last week, too?

When they start playing super dramatic, suspenseful music behind the volleyball game, I realize just how absurdly boring this episode is.

The 6 girls from the winning team go for dinner with Sean, and I actually feel kind of bad for the losers because the winning team contains Desiree, who has already had a one-on-one date, and Kacie, who has spent time with him outside of the show.

Kacie tries to pull the whole "Let me win your heart by filling you in on how fake some of the others are" thing. The thing is, she's doing it WAY too early. If you're down to like, the final 5 and someone sucks, that's not a bad time to call them out, but doing it on the 3rd show in is just silly. Of course some of the girls don't like each other! Amusingly, Sean actually calls her out and asks why she's telling him about it. FAIL.

Lindsey gets the group date rose, and I just now realize that she's from Ft. Leonard Wood, MO, where I've totally been a few times. Wait, is she crazy wedding dress girl from the first night?

Oh! She is! Wow. She has really stepped up her game since night 1!

Right before AshLee's one on one date, Tierra manages to fall and hurt herself on the stairs. I know this sounds horrible, but it seems like odd timing. Aren't the girls usually all gathered in the living room when the Bachelor shows up to pick up his date? Why would she be going upstairs moments before Sean is supposed to show up?

While they're loading her on the stretcher, Tierra is whining "I don't wannnnna do this! I don't WANT to go there. I want to be left ALONE." She sounds like a whiny 5 year old. If the paramedics think you should get checked out, why wouldn't you just let them check you out?

So now poor Weird Name AshLee is just sitting around while Sean is sitting outside with Tierra, making sure she is okay. Ugh. I also feel kinda bad for her because she is wearing a super cute dress and looks adorable, and Sean is in like, t-shirt and running shorts. Do they not tell the girls what to wear?

Sean finally pries his fingers off of Tierra's thigh and goes to Six Flags with AshLee. Sean tells her that they're bringing along two little girls that have chronic illnesses, which totally ups the fun factor. (Kidding, kidding.) They end the night with a private concert from Sean's favorite band, which I've never heard of before. It makes me wonder, if I was the Bachelorette, would I get to be like "Oh, and now U2 is going to play for us. No bigs."

Rose ceremony, blah blah blah. All the girls are totally cool and mature and get along perfectly. LOLZ JUST KIDDING. They put on their bitch faces, and it's super attractive.

Sean sends Kacie home before the rose ceremony even really starts. I guess her attempt to "play the game" reeeeally rubbed him the wrong way.

This week, we also say goodbye to two more girls: Taryn and Kristy. Were they even on this show? Who are these people? Oh well. Later, chicks.

Taryn  Kristy

Next week involves a roller derby group date, which should be pretty rad. Then there's going to be more Tierra drama, which I'm already bored of.

Who else is watching this season?

Feeling Stuck

Do you guys ever feel totally stuck? Like, no matter how much you feel like you're doing, you don't seem to get anywhere?

I've been trying to clean/organize Casa Crystal for weeks now, but I feel like it looks totally the same. I did finally make a pretty decent dent in the stack of magazines I hadn't even gotten around to flipping through yet, but those have now been sitting atop my bookcase (waiting to be donated) for about two weeks now. I've also been trying to tackle my giant stash of clothes to be altered, but I never seem to finish those projects. I get off to a great start, do about 70% of the work, and then get distracted by something else. I need to suck it up and actually finish some!

I think there's some kind of fear when it comes to finishing projects, especially if you have perfectionist tendencies (like I do!). What if I DO finish, and don't like it all that much? So silly, but I think that plays a part in it. It's especially sad because some of the pieces I'm working on right now are REALLY cute! I just can't wear them because they still need more work.

I've also been trying to pare down my possessions. Everything I still have when it's time to move is something that has to get packed up and shipped halfway across the country, and then carried up (probably) three flights of stairs to its new home, which is pretty much guaranteed to be at least 300 sq ft smaller than where I live now. Plus, having too much stuff just feels draining. I don't want to become a minimalist by any means- I like having dozens of eyeliners to choose from- I just want a little less of the stuff that isn't really important to me.

I wasn't raised with that idea of every item having a specific place to go, so there are so many homeless things that end up on the floor, on the desk, on random shelves of book cases, on the chair. I'm someone that likes the things that I use often right out in the open where I can grab them, so I know that tucking everything into hidden away boxes would never work for me.

Anyone else feeling a little stuck? Is it just this time of year?

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sneaky Pete

You might remember that in my Vlogmas Day 22 video, I mentioned picking up a Sneaky Pete's Oatstanding Beverage during my grocery trip. I said I'd update you guys on how I liked it, and I ended up LOVING it so much that I contacted the company and asked if I could review their drinks here. They were awesome enough to send me one of each flavor, which made me super happy since I was craving another one, but the closest place to buy them is close to 50 miles away! Plus, I know a lot of you made New Year's resolutions to be healthier, and these fit in with that goal really nicely!

SPB Fruit Template

I love trying out healthy drinks- for some reason I find it way easier to drink something good for me than to eat it! Is that weird? I have trouble finding fruity drinks, though, because I have acid reflux, which means that anything too acidic (think orange juice) makes my stomach super unhappy. These are awesome because they're fruity, but in a very light way.

The only thing I knew about these before I tried them was that they had oats in them, so I expected it to be a  thick drink, maybe even chunky. It's the total opposite! They're closer to a flavored water than the smoothie-type texture I was expecting.

The oats barely show up in the flavor- it's mostly just a hint of something non-fruity, if that makes sense! The hidden oats give each 40 calorie bottle as much fiber as a bowl of oatmeal, which is rad since I can't stand oatmeal! (It's so gooey and gloopy, you guys!)

One thing that I really like is that these drinks offer a combination you don't see often; they manage to be both a light, refreshing, easy to drink beverage while also being a bit filling thanks to the fiber from the oat bran. The combination means they don't leave you feeling like you've just consumed something heavy, like I sometimes feel after a protein smoothie, but I do feel like I've had something more substantial than just water or juice. These would be awesome to take to work or school with your lunch as a healthier alternative to soda or coffee.

Here are all 5 flavors, in order of my preference!

Apple Away
Apple is the first flavor I tried (the one I picked up at the grocery store). I adore this one! It reminds me of apple cider a bit, but with a slightly "softer" flavor. I wish I could drink this daily!

Peach Perfection
Peach is tied with apple as my favorite. It's a close race! This one is absurdly good.
Grape Escape
Grape was in the middle of the pack for me. I liked it, but I didn't fall head over heels for it like I did the first two flavors. I'll probably buy this flavor again in the future every now and then, but not as often as the first two.

Raspberry Beret
I was actually surprised that I liked the raspberry, since I'm generally not a fan of raspberry-flavored things! There's a hint of creaminess to this flavor that makes me think of raspberry yogurt. Since there's nothing dairy based in the drink, I guess it's the oat bran toning down the tartness of the fruit? Whatever the reason, I was pleasantly surprised by the flavor! Not my favorite, but I did enjoy it!

Mango Mystique
If you had tried to tell me that I'd like raspberry more than mango, I would have deemed you crazy, but that's what ended up happening! So strange, since I love mango flavored things in general, but this one just wasn't a hit with me. This one seemed a bit less sweet and more tart than the other flavors. That may make it a favorite if that's the kind of flavor you prefer, of course! I did find that I liked it a lot better if I mixed it with some of the peach flavor! I still wouldn't say that I disliked this flavor, but I'd only rate it as being "ok", vs good and great like the others.

These sell for about $2 at my closest store, so I can probably only afford to get 4 per month and have one as a weekly treat. I'd love to drink them more frequently, but my grocery budget is limited.

Here are some of the places you can currently buy Sneaky Pete's:

I'm really hoping they're more widely available soon! I only make the trip to HyVee once every few months since it's so far away. I'm hoping they get picked up by a larger chain like Target soon, since they'd probably be able to sell them for a bit less. They do offer free shipping if you order online though! And you can use discount code SNEAKYBLOGGER for 15% off your total order! That actually makes them cheaper than buying them in store for me!

For more info, you can check out the Sneaky Pete website, or follow them on Twitter or Facebook!

I received complimentary products in exchange for my review, but all opinions are my own.

Friday, January 18, 2013

The Nail Files

I'm linking up for The Nail Files again this week!

I don't even know what you would call this design, but it felt Wintery to me! I love the mix of large and small glitter pieces. (Also, I learned today that fingers are incredibly freaky looking if you zoom in them too closely!)

Essie glitter polish in "stroke of brilliance" (which I got via Klout ages ago) and my trusty silver Bon-Bons!

Don't miss my other post from this morning about my awesome new workout clothes! It includes the coolest pocket ever!

Get awesome active wear at a great discount! Pv.body subscription review!

**NOTE- As of Feb '13, PV Body is now Ellie! You can find my review of the new offerings here!**

Earlier this month, I partnered up with a really fun active wear subscription site called pv.Body and became one of their ambassadors. For $49.95, you get one high quality top and one bottom in the mail each month. I'm obviously a big fan of clothes, but the main reason I thought this subscription service was so cool is that I think it's PERFECT motivation for all of the people who set a New Year's resolution to work out more or lose weight! I know that most people start the year out with the best of intentions, but then their efforts start to fizzle by February. What better motivation to go to the gym than receiving new workout clothes in the mail? Of course you're going to want to put them on and try them out, right? Getting cute new things to wear each month would be a great refresher for your motivation!

You could also use it as a tool to bribe yourself, like "If I make it to my yoga class twice a week every week this month, I get to order a new PV.Body box for next month!" Rewards are a great motivation to keep up with your goals, and treating yourself to new active wear is a much better way to keep yourself going than treating yourself to something not goal-related.

To get started, you take a quick quiz that asks questions about how you like to work out, along with your color and style preferences:

I love that they give you the chance to rule out certain colors and styles, since a lot of subscription box services don't offer that. It lets you keep the surprise of getting mystery items, but seriously reduces the chance you'll get something that's totally not you.

At the end of the quiz, you find out what your style profile is (I got "Fit Fashionista"). If you ever want to update your profile (for example, if you change sizes, or you start to feel like you own too many pairs of shorts and just want to get pants from now on), you can just retake the quiz and it will update your preferences.

My items arrived in a bright pink padded envelope, which was a fun touch.

Here's what was inside!

First, there was a pair of black American Apparel Performance Sportswear fitness pants. When I first pulled these out of the pink tissue paper they were wrapped in, I thought there was NO way they would fit- they looked so tiny! They ended up being fine though- thank goodness for stretchyness! They're 90% nylon, which means they breathe well, but the other 10% is elastane (aka spandex), so there's a good amount of stretch! I usually wear looser fitting pants, but these would be a perfect fit for something like a dance class where the instructor needs to be able to see exactly how your body is positioned and moving. Plus, they're comfortable! I wore mine around the house for a while after trying them on, and they never got annoying.

These are a little more high-waisted than I'd usually buy, but I do like that the high waist a) means no underwear (or worse, buttcrack!) peeking out when you bend over, and b) flattens your stomach a bit! No muffin top!

When I first put these on, I thought there was a flaw in the sewing on the waist band, but then I discovered that there are actually little pockets built in!

I love that I got a black pair, since those will go with anything! (I'm definitely more of a neutral pants, colorful top person!) The design is also basic enough that you could wear these with a normal outfit- they don't look out of place if you're not in a gym. There's no visible logo, like a lot of active wear brands like to stick on their clothes. The fitness pants retail for $48, so if you just bought these in the store, you'd already be spending what you'd spend on a pv.Body shipment!

Next, my top! I got this bright red cardio top from Lole, a company I'd never heard of. I have to admit that this isn't something I would normally pick out for myself, but I think that's part of the fun of a subscription service like this- you end up trying things that are a little outside of your comfort zone! (I did specifically request not I not receive a top with a built-in shelf bra, since I know so many workout tops have those, but they're never big enough for me.) I love the round neckline, since I'm not a fan of having fabric up around my neck, and the super stretchy fabric is really comfortable!

 The absolutely genius detail is the pocket on the back for your iPod! (I tested my BlackBerry in the pocket, and it fits, too!) The pocket is designed with a little top flap to keep the iPod from bouncing out, including a little spot in the flap where your earbuds can come out, too. LOVE that!

The fabric the top is made from is designed to be quick drying, and it wicks moisture away from your body. The only problem with the red top is that I have NO sneakers that even come close to matching it, and most totally clash. Thankfully most yoga classes are barefoot, and I have both jazz and ballet slippers that are black, so it still works! The top sells for $50, so between my two items there's a total $98 value! Sweet!

I put together a super quick video to give you a better look at the clothes!

Here are a few things I like about the pv body program:
*You can cancel or pause your subscription at any time, so if you only want to get snazzy things every few months, it's easy to change your subscription setting.

*I love the surprise factor! We live in an age where we rarely get anything fun in the mail, so getting a shiny pink package and not quite knowing what's inside is a LOT of fun!

*Even if a monthly subscription isn't in your budget, I think even getting one or two boxes is a great deal! It's way better in the long run to get one high quality outfit (at a major discount, in this case!) than to keep buying a bunch of not-so-great $10 items that you don't love and end up wearing out quickly.

*If something doesn't fit, you can return it to exchange it for a different item, or send your whole package back for a refund. That totally takes away worrying you'll get something you don't like!

In terms of improvement, I'd love to see them carry a wider range of sizes since they currently only offer xs through large. Even if they just added XL as an option, they'd increase the number of their potential subscribers by so much! It would also be great if they had a men's section, too. The company is still pretty new, though (they just started in September), so it's possible they'll expand their offerings as they grow.

If this sounds like something you'd like to check out, I have good news! If you sign up via my link, you'll get 20% off your first shipment! (That makes it $39.96, and you'll get clothes worth around $100!)

Have you ever tried out a subscription service like this? If you go check out the site, leave me a comment letting me know what you think, and what your style profile is if you take the quiz!

I received my items for free in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.