Sunday, March 31, 2013

Springfield Nature Center + A Vlog!

As I mentioned in my last Random Updates post, I got the chance to check out the trails at the Springfield Nature Center last month! I hadn't been there since a field trip in kindergarten, so I was excited to check it out! (I meant to post about this weeks ago, but I just got around to finishing the vlog today! That will be towards the end.)

I was wearing flip flops (and forgot to bring my trail shoes), so my plan was to just do the Savannah Ridge and Boardwalk trails (the yellow and blue ones on the map above), which added up to less than a mile. I figured I'd come back on a warmer day (it was in the low 50s, but there was still snow on the ground in places) to venture out a little farther. 

I'm totally smitten with how these trails are laid out, by the way! The layout makes it so easy to do a quick little chunk or keep adding on extra loops until you've had your fill. 

I went for the Savanna Ridge trail first. This one is definitely the easiest! It's fairly flat- there's a bit of an incline in places, but nothing I'd consider strenuous at all. The map above says it's a 15 minute trail, but it took me a little under 10 minutes, even with a quick stop to vlog. 

What I didn't like about this trail is that since it's so close to the highway, you never get that wonderful quiet that you usually find out in the woods. 

I love that the trail map even shows you where the benches are! 

After that quick little warm-up, I started onto the Boardwalk trail, which is also paved and only 1/3 mile.

There's a great little observation deck just a minute or two down the trail. Oddly, though despite the bench here (and the abundance of benches on the short trail I did earlier), there are very few along this trail!

There are great little signs on a lot of the trees that tell you what they are. LOVE that!

I loved this little squiggly-shaped tree!

I was also a fan of signs like this that give you an idea of how far you've come!

I actually ended up turning around at this point. The trail was steeper than I'd expected, so since it was paved and I was in flip-flops, I was having some issues. Next time, I'll bring real shoes!

I threw together a vlog that combines a little footage of these trails with the weird story of what happened while I was there, and the tale of my grocery shopping fail. Enjoy!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Ellie Video Review!

 Earlier this month, I did a blog review of my February subscription package from Ellie, which you can read here. Now that I've had a few weeks to really try the clothes out and form a more solid opinion, I thought I'd do a quick video to show them more in depth!

If you're interested in signing up to check it out, clicking the banner below will save you 20% on your first month- Woot woot!

  If you have any questions, feel free to ask! My March outfit should be here within a few days, so I'll most likely do a video for it as well.

As an Ellie ambassador, I received my outfit for free, and I do make a commission on orders placed via my link. My review is 100% honest, and I try to offer as much info about both the pros and cons as possible.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Current March Status

I haven't done one of these current status things in several months, so I thought I'd give it a go!

Current books: I just started rereading Savage Beauty: The Life of Edna St. Vincent Millay. There are SO many unread books on my shelves, but I just randomly really found myself in the mood to pick this up again.

Current music: I was driving through heavy fog a few days ago, and got a huge kick out of putting on UltraViolet and pretending all of the tail lights and stop lights were Bono's jacket.


Current guilty pleasure: Now that The Bachelor is over, Hoarders is really my only good guilty pleasure show! I miss you, Honey Boo Boo!

Current drink: There's this passion fruit mango tea that I'm obsessed with, but the grocery store has been OUT the last several times I've gone. I'm pretty sure I'm dying of tea withdrawals.


Current food: I'm eating "Loaded Baked Potato" Pringles, because I am too lazy to go make an actual meal.

Current favorite show: I only watch about 7 shows a week. I think Bob's Burgers is actually my favorite right now! I love Louise more than I love most actual humans.

Crystal Ward

Current wish list: I still really want new boots!

Current needs: I still need to get my poor tooth fixed!

Current triumphs: I passed 2,000 fans on Facebook! Good job, blog!

Current bane of my existence: Cold/Snow/Winter that has overstayed its welcome.

Current celebrity crush: Scott Porter and I are basically BFF's on Twitter now. (And by BFFs I mean he replied to one of my tweets.) I'll update y'all on our wedding plans as they develop.

obviously true love

Current indulgence: This is a tough question! I bought new sparkly purple nail polish the other day to cheer myself up. It was 90 cents. Big spender in the house!

Current blessing: Merida (my kitten) is curled up next to my legs napping. I appreciate the cuteness and  warmth pretty equally!

Current outfit: I am currently wearing a Star Wars t-shirt and PJ pants with moons and stars on them. I'm a frickin' FASHIONISTA.

Current excitement: I am kind of stupidly excited to go grocery shopping on Weds. It's a long story, I'll probably vlog about it.

Current mood: I don't really have one word for my mood recently. I think I'm still recovering from being SUPER sick last week.

Current link: I recently came across this blog, which is a woman's quest to reuse her penis-shaped cake pan for non-penisy things. I think the UFO cake is my fav!

Leave me a link to your post if you do this, too, and I'll go check it out!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - Blu-Ray/DVD Release and GIVEAWAY! Woot!

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is coming to Blu-ray and DVD March 19th, 2013!

Are you guys as excited as I am?? Despite being a huge Tolkein fan, I missed seeing The Hobbit when it was in the theatre, so I'm super excited that I'll be able to watch it at home soon! It will be going on the shelf right next to my Lord of the Rings trilogy!

You can use the app above to take the Hobbit quiz, learn unique facts about the different creatures of Middle Earth, or find fun viewing party ideas in the Hobbit Handbook!

To celebrate the release, I also get to give one lucky winner a copy of The Hobbit Blu-Ray combo pack! SCORE! Just enter using the Rafflecopter form below. (If you need help entering or have technical difficulties, just leave a comment or send me an email and I'll be happy to help!

All entries are optional, so you can do as many or as few as you like!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

St. Patrick's Day - You're Doing It Wrong.

St. Patrick's Day is a spectacular holiday because it is totally low key. You wear some green, drink some beer, pinch a few people, and maybe claim you're Irish in order to kiss inappropriate people. If you really want to step things up, you maybe paint your nails a minty color or throw on some glittery green sunglasses. In general, it is all good.

Unfortunately, we live in an age of evil overachievers out to make the rest of us look/feel bad. Just look at how people with too much time on their hands (or maybe not enough vodka?) are trying to turn St. Patrick's Day into the kind of holiday that requires effort:

How to make Shamrock Tortilla Chips for St. Patrick's Day seems to think I want to spend my time making green tortilla chips. NO.

st patricks day crafts lists this under (I kid you not) "Quick and Easy Last Minute St. Patrick's Day Crafts." Let me break this down for you: If you are building any kind of tree?? You are doing St. Patrick's Day wrong. teaches you how to make this wreath. This is not a wreath holiday, people! Just say NO and put away the foam loop. Step away from the ribbon.

I can't even deal with continuing to scroll through Pinterest looking at all of this, so let me just break it down and make it easy. If it involves a glue gun or turning on your stove, it is not appropriate for this holiday.

I have zero idea who these people are, but they are doing it right.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Spring Cleaning

Even though it's only in the 30s here today, I've been struck by the Spring cleaning bug. The urge to sort and get rid of and wash is high, my friends. Actually doing it, though, really sucks.

So far this morning, I vacuumed and flipped my mattress, and then went through a big box of old CDs with plans to get rid of most of them. The problem I encountered is that I have dozens of empty CD boxes! Where are the CDs that go in them?? I also threw away several dozen old mix cds that were scratched up or icky. That was HARD! But really, am I ever going to listen to them? No.

I looked up Spring cleaning stuff on Pinterest, since Pinterest knows everything, but there were all kinds of tips about things like deep cleaning the stove or dusting baseboards that are just never going to happen. Throwing out the three containers of leftover soup of indeterminate age is WAY more my speed.

I did finally find a solution for one thing that's always been a problem! I always seem to have a lot of little knick-knacks that I don't think anyone would actually buy at a yard sale (or a thrift store if I donated them), but are too cute/interesting to just throw away. But now that I've started finding the occasional Geocache on the hiking trails I go to, it occurred to me that I could put a few of those little items in a bag that I can carry with me for the purpose of leaving them in cache boxes. Win! (Most people leave little trinkets like small plastic toys or keychains, so the items I have sitting around work perfectly!)

Is anyone else diving into cleaning this month? Any tips to share? Or does anyone just want to come over and do it all for me while I sit around and watch Hoarders? 'Cause I'd be cool with that!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Bachelor Finale Recap!

Y'all, I am super excited that tonight is the finale of this season of the Bachelor! No more Monday nights spent watching Super Boring Sean be boring! HOORAY!

This is a pic of Sean, right?

As usual, I'm blogging about this while watching the show, so it's pretty stream of consciousness style.

So, let's set the stage. Our Majestic Host Chris Harrison claims that this will be the most dramatic finale in Bachelor History. Because he says that about EVERYTHING. I'm pretty sure that when he goes to Taco Bell, he orders the most dramatic burrito in fast food history. It's just how he rolls.

We're down to two ladies this evening (Not to be confused with two ladies of the evening. Or maybe yes to be confused with?), Lindsay and Catherine. This should be pretty quick: They all just show up in formal wear, and then Sean is all "I want that one!" Right? ...Right?  Wait, what? This thing is THREE HOURS LONG?  Oh, dear.

Except yeeeeah, we kinda do got time for that, because it's a Monday night, and let's be serious, there's really not anything better to do. So let's carry on!

So, everyone is hangin' in Thailand tonight, and from the preview we know that a) Sean's mom is awesome, b) he gets a dramatic envelope on proposal day. Oooh, ahhh.


Our Majestic Host Chris B Harrison tells us via live broadcast that there's some kind of breaking news "first time ever" thing going down tonight. My theory? Sean picks Catherine, she sends him the letter to say "LOL NOPE", and after the show is over he starts dating one of the other chicks for realsies, and they're going to announce their happiness. Let's see how wrong I am!

Sean's niece and nephew show up with the family, since you obviously need the opinions of toddlers when picking your forever wife. I do kinda love one kid for giggling "Emily didn't pick you!" at him. Oh, these poor kids are going to grow up thinking that THIS is how one falls in love. I hope Sean has set up a therapy fund for them. (Side note- Sean seems more lovey and glowy around his family than I've seen him around ANY of the women.)

Catherine is up first for the whole Meet the Family thing. Poor girl is obviously nervous. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't want my first meeting with my dude's family to be on TV. I kind of like Catherine's dress... for me. It looks kind of unflattering on her, which is crazy. Sean's dad is adorable with Catherine, and obviously already a huge fan of her.

Lindsay shows up to meet his family, and seems to fit in really well. Sean's dad grills her a little more thoroughly than he did Catherine, but they laugh a lot, too. And omg, this dad is kind of the cutest thing ever.

Basically Sean's dad.

We're now half an hour into this marathon, and Sean is talking to his family about the two chick choices. His mom is giving him the totally sane advice that if you're having trouble choosing between two women, you maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay not be ready to propose to either one. Sean tells her that he wants her opinion, but more than anything he wants her support, which is basically code for "I'm a BIG boy and I can pick for myself!". This makes her cry, because you can tell she's not so on board with supporting right now. Sean is oddly unemotional about making his mom cry.

Sean has one date left with each woman, and Lindsay is first. She is looking pretty adorable, and making me want to wear pink shorts with a grey tank top. They hang out on a raft, and then sit around talking a lot. And then, oh no, we get to that super awkward part that happens every season where the final people give some kind of gift. Lindsay and Sean have big ol' lanterns like they release in that Thai festival every year. (And also Tangled.) This is pretty flippin' cute, especially compared to some of the gifts from past seasons.

It's time for Catherine's date, and it starts with riding an elephant. If I were Lindsay, I'd be pretty pissed. Lindsay gets to sit on a raft, but Catherine gets to ride a frickin' elephant? NOT fair! Afterwards, they're sitting around talking and Catherine says "I'm excited for the future" with the same tone of voice you'd expect her to say "I'm going to pay the water bill", or something equally mundane. I feel like there's a lot in her head that she isn't saying. They talk a lot, but at this point I'm busy entering a giveaway for an automatic litter box, so I've kinda tuned out.

At basically the last second of their date, Catherine tells Sean she loves him. I guess I hadn't realized that she hadn't said it yet. Huh. She then FREAKS out because she couldn't tell what his reaction was.

It's now time for Sean to walk around shirtless for a long time, looking thoughtful. They pause to go to the live finale to ask Leslie, AshLee, Jackie and Sarah what they think. I hope Leslie is in the running to be the a future Bachelorette, because she would be significantly less boring than Sean was!

Lindsay is the first to arrive at Proposal Island (term I just invented) and we all know that's bad news. Of course we get her voiceover about how today is the day she gets engaged as she walks towards certain doom. He tells her that he loves her while he's breaking up with her, which is kind of awful. They should really put a therapist, a bottle of vodka and a dozen cupcakes in the vans that take the women away.

Chris hands over the letter, and it is in fact from Catherine. (Called that part, at least!)  It turns out to be totally boring. "You're great, we're great, blah blah blah." Why all the build-up over that? Sean proposes, she accepts, they ride off into the sunset on an elephant. (I wish I was making that up.)

Two hours down, only the one hour "After the Final Rose" to go!

They start the live show talking about the two final girls, and I'm struck by the idea that when Catherine watches this, she's going to see Sean tell Lindsay that he loves her about 5 minutes before he proposes. Yikes. I'm also wondering... if Catherine hadn't thrown in her last second "I love you" at the end of their last date... would Sean have picked Lindsay instead?

There's now half an hour left and... I am so bored. I AM SO BORED, YOU GUYS. I've said all season how boring Sean is, and I have to admit that I find Catherine kind of boring, too. Please, please let the next season be better?

I think that Super Boring Sean who always says the right thing has made me appreciate the awkawrdness of real life more. We all have those moments where we say the wrong thing or make a joke that's not funny or kiss someone when we shouldn't, but at least those moments are real. When everything someone says sounds scripted, it loses that spark of authenticity. I kind of want to make #AwkwardButReal a whole thing.

The big announcement? They're getting married on TV. UGH. Are they going to televise their future babies shooting out of Catherine's vag, too? Seriously... UGH.

The finale announcement of the night is that Des is the next Bachelorette, which I think we all saw coming a mile away.

That wraps things up!  IT'S OVER! AT LAST! My Monday nights are going to feel weirdly empty for a few weeks. What did you guys think? Did Sean pick the right girl? Are you happy about Des? Tell me what you think!

Enter to Win! iPad Mini 32GB Giveaway event!


  Welcome to the iPad Mini Giveaway Event!

Anyone interested in a free iPad Mini? Maybe kinda sorta? I don't know about you guys, but the fanciest technology I own is my iPod from like 2005. I could totally use this baby in my life! Read on to learn how to win it! 

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You have the chance to win an Apple iPad Mini Wi-Fi 32 GB +Cellular! 

Saturday, March 09, 2013

Random Updates: Lying bachelors, near death hikes, and overpriced candles!

I haven't had a chance to write any "normal" blog posts in ages, so I thought I'd throw a bunch of random things into one post to catch up!

*Going back to last week... I tired out a new hiking area! I had to go to Springfield, so I made a little detour to the Springfield Nature Center, where I haven't been since kindergarten! They have several different trails there ranging from 1/5 mile to over 2 miles. It was chilly and I was wearing flip-flops, so I didn't get to do much! I'm working on a vlog about it, so that will be coming soon! Actually, I should probably give that day its own entire blog post!

*I didn't live blog the "Women Tell All" Bachelor special, because my cable was being a dumbass that night. (I FINALLY got a Mediacom repair dude out the next day, so hopefully this won't be an issue anymore!) For those of you that did watch, what did you think about AshLee saying that Sean told her he didn't have feelings for the other two women? Going totally off of body language, I have to admit that I believe AshLee.

*I was going to wear my new Ellie top out on the hiking trail today to really test it out (and make a vlog), but today turned out to be surprisingly warm, so long sleeves seemed like an awful idea. I'll still be making a video about my Feb Ellie items, though!

*Speaking of the hiking trail... OMG I am out of shape, you guys. I finally did all of the 1.1 mile Glad Trail today, and it nearly killed me! (Okay, maybe I'm a tiny bit dramatic.) I did about half of this trail in the past (from the trail head out to the observation deck and back), but it turns out that's the MUCH easier half of the trail. The first 3/4 mile or so are pretty easy, but the last part is semi-steep uphill and just not fun!

little white arrow at "You are here" is the observation deck. Everything up to that point is super smooth sailing! I wish I had the stamina to do the yellow trail, too (it's only an extra .4 mile), but I am soooo not tough enough for that yet!

It's a bit rocky.

I kept trying to get photos of the landscape, but everything is so dull and grey this time of year, none of it looks at all impressive in photo form.

I liked coming to this map so that I had an idea of how far I was! I wish that the benches that you come to later on in the trail were marked on there, too, so that I'd have more landmarks.

Nothing looks as awesome as a bench when you've been walking for half an hour and need a little break!

 I love hanging out in the woods, but I really need to improve my stamina so that I can actually enjoy it instead of wondering when it will be over already!

After finishing the trail (YAY), I went to Bath & Body Works because they were having an event today where you got a free peach candle with any home fragrance purchase. I picked up a Palm Beach Cooler mini candle as my purchase (love this one!), so I got both of these for a total of $4.50 plus tax. The dumb thing is that I had a 20% off coupon in my purse that I could have used, but I was too brain dead from the trail to even think about it.

Speaking of the price- I am NOT HAPPY that BBW increased the price of their mini candles from $3.50 to $4.50! They also usually had deals where you could get 2 for $5, but now it's 3 for $10. I love the mini candles, since they let me make sure that a scent isn't going to make me sneeze, and they let me try out a lot of different scents. But $4.50? That's absurd to me for how small they are. They do have the metal lids now instead of little thin plastic tops, but I'd rather have the cheaper price. Nice lids make sense for larger candles that you'll have around for a while, but the minis only have about 10 hours of burn time. 

Okay, at least I am kind of caught up now! Yay!

Friday, March 08, 2013

PV Body is now Ellie - Review & Discount

You may remember my PV Body review from January, where I got to check out a cool workout clothing subscription service. Well, PV Body went through some changes and has become Ellie! It's still an active wear subscription service, but quite a few things have changed!

So, what's different?

*The major change from when it was PV Body is that you now have the option to select the pieces that you want from that month's collection. However, for those who love the surprise of getting a mystery package, you can still choose NOT to pick your pieces, and Ellie's stylists will send you two items that match your profile, just like before. I love this change!

*While in the past you always got one top and one bottom, you can now choose to select two tops, two bottoms, or one of each! I'm a big fan of this change, too, because I can totally imagine there being a month where I'm totally in love with two tops and can't decide between them, so I love that I'd have the option to just get both!

*Instead of sending members workout clothes from established brands (some well-known, some not so well known) like they did as PV Body, Ellie now only sends out their own line of clothes. This is the change that I'm currently kind of on the fence about until I have more experience with the actual clothes. On one hand, working only with their in-house brand means that sizing should be easier, since a Large in one brand they used to carry might be a Medium in another.  It also gives them a huge opportunity to listen to the comments and requests of their users and try to incorporate those into future designs. (ie if a lot of users start requesting a certain style of top, hopefully they will take that into consideration and add it to a future collection!) The third cool thing about that is that you won't see a million other women at the gym with your clothes, since they're only available through Ellie. On the other hand, as of now, the new brand (Ellie) is pretty much an unknown. It could be awesome, it could be not-so-great, or quality could vary from month to month. It's way too early for me to make a solid judgement.

*If you want more items (in addition to your 2 included in the subscription), you can order those, too! They aren't at as great of a price as the subscription pieces, though.

*Everything is made in the USA, which is nice to know. (Although I believe the fabrics used are manufactured in another country).

*Since they now make the clothes, Ellie guarantees that every item is washer and dryer friendly. If something gets messed up in the wash, you can return/exchange it!

My Personal Experience

*Looking through the February catalog of items was fun! I've been told that the Feb items will still be available in March, since they've had some "growing pains" so to speak, and not everyone who wanted to order them was able to. (A new collection for March is also available. More about that towards the end!) I have to admit, I'm curious to see how they will manage to release a whole new 24 item collection (16 tops, 8 bottoms) every single month! That's a LOT of designing and manufacturing really quickly!

*My order did seem to take a lot longer to ship than last month's did. I got an email on the 14th that it had shipped, but it didn't arrive until 2 weeks later. (My last one took 2 or 3 days max, I believe.)

*I was also notified in the shipping email that the capris I ordered hadn't been up to the company's standards when they got them in stock, so they were sending me a different bottom for now, and I'd get the ones I ordered as soon as they got the new (hopefully better) shipment. I was totally cool with this, since it means I get to check out an extra pair of pants, but I still get the ones I originally wanted. (I looked up some Ellie reviews, and it seems that some people did get the substandard capris before the error was caught.)

So, what did I pick?

There were quite a few cute tops, so this was a tough choice! However, I couldn't pass up this great blue color, and I have ZERO active tops with long sleeves. The fabric this top is made of is SO SOFT. I was expecting something closer to t-shirt material (jersey), but it's nothing like that. It's super stretchy, too! The only down side is that since it's quite thin, it doesn't hide "problem areas" at all.

This is a close up of the mesh fabric stripes near the shoulders. Gotta love a little extra ventilation!

I love thumb holes! 

I'm in love with how comfy this shirt is. Plus, the color is AWESOME. The fit could be a bit better in the arms- it doesn't quite fit me correctly near the armpits. Also, the sleeves are SUPER long- even on me, and I'm basically an Amazon woman. Better than too short, though! I also love that the fabric doesn't wrinkle. I purposely wadded the shirt into a ball after trying it on, and the next day it was still wrinkle-free when I picked it back up. Score! It looks like we might see this style of shirt pop up again- there was also a grey one in Feb's collection, plus a short sleeved pink version (pictured below.) There's a black one coming out in March, too!

For my pants, I originally ordered the Heartbreaker Capris shown here:

However, as I mentioned above, the staff at Ellie decided that the quality wasn't up to their standards, so they sent me a different bottom for now. (I'll review these when I actually get them! Hopefully within the next couple of weeks!) For now, they sent me...

Kiss Me Capris! (I totally had to borrow this pic from their FB, because the one I took turned out super blurry!)

These had the LONGEST tag I've ever seen!

From the photo, I thought there were stripes of two different colors at the waist band, but the lower half is actually black mesh over the pink!

I ordered the size Large, and as usually happens to me with this type of pants, I thought there was NO way they would fit when I first saw them! They fit great, though! Not too tight anywhere! (I'm usually a 10/12 in pants, if that helps anyone with sizing!) I experimented with folding the waistband over, and that works quite well, too, if you want a lower rise. The waist measures about 15" across unstretched, but will stretch a few inches comfortably. 

I have to admit, I liked the suspense of not knowing which pants I'd be getting. It would be awesome if Ellie would introduce an option to select one of your items and let the other be a surprise! Maybe after they get all of their opening crazyness settled down a bit?

Other Info

*You can still skip a month or cancel your subscription at any time!
*Ellie is $49.95 per month, but if you sign up via my link you get 20% off your first month! That makes it under $40! (Shipping is always free!)
*If you don't like something in your box or it doesn't fit, it's free (including the shipping) to exchange it. If for some reason you just plain don't like anything you got, you can also send everything back for a full refund. (I have a feeling both of these will happen a lot less now that people can pick their items!)

March Collection!

How frickin' sexy is March's Little Black Collection?

I haven't picked out my pieces for March yet. It's a tough decision! Any suggestions?

I am working on a video to show my February pieces in a bit more depth. Look for it to be posted here in the next day or two!

To save 20%, visit Ellie by clicking on the banner below!

Disclosure: I was provided with a complimentary outfit in exchange for my honest review. 

Sunday, March 03, 2013

The History Channel's New Bible Series and a $15 Walmart Gift Card Giveaway!

From Executive Producers Roma Downey and Mark Burnett comes The Bible — an epic 10-part miniseries retelling stories from the Scriptures for a whole new generation. Breathtaking in scope and scale, The Bible features powerful performances, exotic locales and dazzling visual effects that breathe spectacular life into the dramatic tales of faith and courage from Genesis through Revelation. 

This miniseries is premiering tonight (3/3/13) on the History Channel, and will air on Sundays! I have to admit, I'm intrigued by the promo clips. It looks really well cast and well done!

Friday, March 01, 2013

Opinions Needed! Blue or Beige?

Okay, blog friends, I need your help!

I'm on a mission to drastically cut down the number of dresses I have sitting around waiting to be altered! Right now, I'm focusing on this one:

It doesn't need a ton of work, just a few little changes in length and fit, so it should be pretty easy. But here's what I need some help on: The COLOR! I feel like the beige is way too close to my skin tone, and it makes me look washed out. However, since it is beigey, that also makes it hard to dye it to a great color.

I had about half a bottle of turquoise dye left over from a past project, so I chopped a little piece of fabric from the bottom of the skirt (which I knew I'd be cutting off anyway) to see how it would pick up the dye. Here's how it turned out:

I don't know. It's not the greatest blue-green color ever... but I think it might be better than the original beige. What do you guys think? Go blue(-ish green?) or keep it the color it is? Let me know!