Friday, January 17, 2014

A Clean New Year with Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle!

This New Year cleaning resolution tips post is brought to you by Mr. Clean as part of a Type-A Parent Community Sponsored Post.

I had a rather strange moment of realization earlier this week. I had just finished vacuuming my stairs, a chore I'd been putting off forever even though it only takes a few minutes. The first time I used that staircase once it was finally free of cat fur and random stuff, I was struck by how much having clean stairs actually made me happy. It's such a simple thing, and it only took a few minutes, but it really did make a difference. I think that all of this time, seeing the not-so-clean stairs was mildly irritating me every time I used them, but I'd never really noticed. So THAT made me wonder... what other little things around my house are frustrating me without my even being conscious of it?

Rather than doing a massive new year clean-up, I'm aiming for 10 minutes a day. I figure that even on busy days, I can find a few minutes, right? I think you're way more likely to succeed with a resolution if you pick a goal you know is totally do-able on a consistent basis. And even though it's a short amount of time, I'm surprised how much I can get done during that period if I put on some music and focus!

Cleaning supplies assembled!

In the same way that new workout clothes can help you with an exercise resolution, I think that new cleaning products to try out make a cleaning resolution way more fun, too! As you can probably tell by the title of this post, Mr. Clean sent me a bottle of their new Liquid Muscle cleaner, a concentrated formula that you can either use directly on a messy spot or mix with water to clean larger surfaces like your floors. Having something new to try out definitely made cleaning my bathroom feel more like a science experiment and less like a chore. I'm all for finding a way to make those everyday things that we have to do a little more fun!

Personally? I recommend amusing yourself by taking silly selfies with your cleaning products in the bathroom mirror while you clean.

Although unlike me, I'd recommend remembering to throw on some makeup first if you're going to end up blogging them. Oops.


This is a compensated post brought to you by Mr. Clean. Mr. Clean is kicking off the New Year with the launch of a new product called Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle, a new multi-purpose, multi-surface concentrated cleaning gel that delivers superior cleaning performance on and off the floor. Be sure to like Mr. Clean on Facebook and follow @RealMrClean on Twitter.

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