Friday, January 10, 2014

Herbal Essences Naked Volume Kit - Review

As you may recall from the post a few weeks ago, Herbal Essences hooked me up with their new Naked Volume collection in exchange for my opinions on it. Now, here's the thing - I'm pretty old and set in my ways when it comes to my hair care routine. I've used the same brand of natural, solid shampoo bar for close to a decade. However, I can't get it where I'm currently living, so I occasionally have to seek out an alternative until I can replace it when I run out. It's super rare for me to find something else that I like, so I was surprised to discover how much I like these!

The shampoo has a fresh, light feeling. Have you ever tried a shampoo or conditioner where it feels like no matter how much you rinse, you can't get all of the product out? This was the opposite of that. Since I'm not a fan of heavy scents, I appreciated that the mint grapefruit smell wasn't overpowering. The conditioner's scent is a bit stronger, but still not too bad. Using them left my hair soft and clean feeling, and didn't weigh it down.

As with many things in life, the Nakedness is the best part! The whole point of the Herbal Essences Naked line is that these products are stripped (giggity!) of all of those extra ingredients that most of us don't want or need. The shampoo, dry shampoo and conditioner are free of dyes and parabens - yay! (I did notice that the styling souffle contains methylparaben, which seems odd in a set that otherwise makes a point to avoid them.)

I tried the dry shampoo on a day when I really wanted to run to the store for groceries before I'd actually gotten around to showering and turning into a presentable human, but I found the scent to be way too strong and ended up just washing my hair right after using it anyway. I'm super sensitive to scents, so I'd love to see a fragrance-free version of this so that I could give it a real try!

I have to be honest here - I didn't really try out the styling souffle in my hair. I almost never use styling products because the lingering scents irritate my sensitive nose too much. I did take this lovely photo for you, tbough!

Oooh, foamy!

The price of the entire 4-piece kit is approximately what I recently paid for one of my favorite shampoo bars, so I'm definitely a fan of the value for the money. (The set is currently $12.99 via Walmart.) I found 3 of the 4 products sold individually at Walmart, too. Looks like buying it as a kit saves several dollars!

In addition to the Volume collection that I tried out, the Naked products also come in Moisture and Shine varieties. I'm definitely planning to pick up the mist from the shine collection as soon as I can find it! (Possibly the shampoo and conditioner as well.)

I'm so pleased that this set exceeded my expectations! There are a lot of products that I try just a few times for review purposes and then either set aside or give away, but I intend to keep using the shampoo and conditioner occasionally to mix up my usual hair care routine. Have any of you guys gotten around to trying this new line yet?

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