Saturday, January 04, 2014

Spoils of War (aka Sale Shopping)

You guys, I bought all the things.

I mean, don't even bother going out to any stores right now. There won't be any things on the shelves. I bought them all.

Okay, that may be a teeny bit of an exaggeration. But seriously, I shopped my asse off yesterday, and now I'm rolling around in a big pile of stuff. I didn't mean to buy all the things, but there were so many awesome sales going on that it just kind of happened!

First, as I was getting ready to leave the house I got an email from Bath and Body Works that they were having a "Up to 75% off!" sale. (Yes, I know there's supposed to be an ampersand between Bath and Body, but for some reason Blogger freaks out if I type one. Bleh.) Anyway, that kind of email is basically like crack to my general demographic, so it became my first stop. I'm not all that into their bath products, so I bypassed the $3 soaps and lotions and such (usually $12... I should have picked some up to give as gifts! D'oh!) and went straight for the candles. They had the 3-wick candles (usually $22) for $10 and $11, minis for $2.50, and the $10 size (what are those even called? Small?) for $5. I usually only ever buy the minis, but I've been burning my Merry Cookie jar candle almost EVERY day this month, so I felt justified in dropping ten bucks for a giant one.

I was blown away (pardon the pun) to find a Leaves candle! Don't those usually sell out within the first 5 minutes of fall? Anyway, I got about $46 worth of candles for $24. Still a crapload of money to drop on candles, but... Merry Cookie!

I went to PetCo in hopes of finding a super embarrassing cat costume on clearance to inflict upon my poor cats. After quite a while spent pondering the holiday section, I decided not to get anything. The antlers and Santa hats were cute, but my cats are way more tolerant about things that go on their neck or body than anything strapped to their head. Alas, there go my dreams. I would have possibly bought this elf costume:

...but they only had one left, and it was missing the shoes, which are obviously the best part. I did, however, pick up another cat sailor outfit from the clearance bin for a DOLLAR. I can now begin building my own tiny cat army! ( In case you need a refresher, here's what I put Sam through for Halloween. (He somehow still loves me.)

I can not wait to do this to two of them at once.

Anycrazycatlady... I also found cat food on clearance, which is pretty much the best thing that can happen to me, short of Starbucks starting to deliver me gingerbread lattes by drone. I guess they're not going to be carrying this particular brand anymore, because the cans were originally $1.19, and were on sale for 28 cents. SO CHEAP! So, obviously I bought 16 of them, plus a bag of the dry food that was marked down from $10 to $2.50. A totally successful trip! I spent less than $10 on about $38 worth of stuff. Happy! 

Next I headed over to Michaels (the craft store) because I knew they had super cheap Christmas stuff. It was a madhouse! I saw people checking out with multiple carts overflowing with decorations. What are you going to do with all that stuff, people? 

I got everything pictured above, plus a cute green Christmas coffee mug (which is in my kitchen and I was too lazy to go get for the photo), for a total of $5. Pretty awesome, given that the set of 4 bulbs was originally $7 on its own! I have plans for the green frame (which is less acidy green than it looks here) once I get a new apartment. Ooh, suspense!

Pier One was way less crazy. A lot of their stuff was still overpriced even at 75% off, but I ended up with these 3 ornaments, which totaled just over $4. Totally digging them!

And finally, TARGET!

Before I talk about the stuff I bought, I feel like it's my duty as a human being to tell you that these exist. They're salt and pepper shakers! I tried to find them on, but no luck. The whole Valentine's themed collection of kitchen stuff is pretty cute, but these are just plain magical.

My main goal for Target (other than picking up some groceries) was to find this guy:

I skipped buying him before Christmas, because I am super cheap and didn't want to spend $4 on him at the time. I was really hoping there would still be one around, but no luck. Maybe next year? (He's not on their website, either. I would totally consider ordering one if he was!)

I did, however, find this guy!

He's a stocking holder! How frickin' cute is that face?

And thanks to the 70% off, only $3! He's missing some glitter from his nose, but I'm sure I have gold glitter nail polish somewhere that will do the trick to touch him up!

My other mission was to get jeans. The Mossimo Supply Co. jeans were on sale for $20 this week, and there was an extra $3 coupon on the Target app. Hooray for cheap jeans! I'm a fan of the Fit #6, skinny boot cut. I do not do skinny jeans, but I love these because they're fitted through the hips and thighs (apparently I have skinny legs? Most jeans are super baggy on my thighs.) but still have just enough flare at the ankle to balance my frame out. 

And of course it's impossible to leave without something from the Dollar Spot, so I ended up with this cute broom and dustpan...

and this little box to organize... um... something? 

A busy but satisfying day of shopping! (And especially great because I had gift cards for Target and PetCo, so I only spent real money at B+BW, Michaels and Pier 1.) I almost never buy things that aren't necessities, so I felt a little weird continuously piling more bags into my car's trunk. Have you guys picked up anything awesome in all of the post-holiday sales?

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