Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tuesday Tell All

I haven't done a Tuesday Tell All post in a while, usually because I normally totally lose track of when Tuesday is coming up.

*I woke up yesterday missing home like crazy. I was SO in the mood to head over to Disney's Animal Kingdom, grab a frozen chai and go watch the tigers for a while. (One of my favorite day off activities). I ended up spending half the day (literally) watching DCP (Disney College Program) vlogs on YouTube. It's so cute to watch them get all excited about going, and funny how almost everyone stops vlogging after the first couple of weeks because they're so busy/exhausted. I need to move home sooooooon. Being away is eating my soul.

*My kitty Jasper has always been a very nervous guy - I adopted him as a baby and I have no idea what happened to him before I got him that made him so skittish, but I used to come home from work to find him hiding in my kitchen cabinets. He's chilled out a lot since he has gotten older, but the 2 weeks I was in Florida without him seem to have totally freaked him out, and even though he's usually a "No hugs, not ever" kind of guy, he has been wanting to sit in my lap obsessively ever since I got back, and also picked up the charming habit of obsessively licking himself while I was gone. I know it's a self-soothing thing, but he's been doing it to the point where he bleeds, so it may be time for a vet trip. Last night I got the idea that maybe I could buy a baby-sized hoodie that would cover most of his body and curb the crazy licking, plus maybe chill him out a little since he'd be all wrapped up. It turns out that baby clothes are crazy expensive, but they had dog coats on clearance, so I got him a size small, and now he's a total gangsta.

*I've been on a total de-cluttering kick. I got rid of a ton of stuff back in August since I was supposed to move the beginning of September, but I still have way too much stuff. And I recently realized that every item I see sitting around feels like it's part of a giant to-do list. (I should finish sewing that dress. Wow, I bought that book a year ago and still haven't read it. How long has it been since I washed that throw blanket on the couch? Etc, etc.) Getting rid of some things is SO HARD, but I'm sick of having boxes of stuff that I never even open, so it needs to go. I'll thank myself when I'm carrying stuff up 3 flights of stairs to my eventual new apartment. (I don't do ground floor. Getting robbed a lot means never living in apartment you can get into through the window again.)

*I've been doing Rodney Yee's AM/PM Yoga For Energy for like a decade. (Maybe longer?) I stopped actually looking at the tv when it's on ages ago, I just let his voice walk me through the practice. I finally gave in and subscribed to Gaiam TV back in December because they had a holiday special that made it less than $8 a month, so I've been doing ALL the yoga lately. It's making me super happy, especially when I learn a new asana that taps into some muscle that I never use. I don't even know how to explain the giddy feeling that comes with that. Anyway, I tweeted about how much I've been loving it, and got this:

This is such an excellent example of a) why I love Twitter, and b) how weird the world is. This guy has been a regular part of my life (not daily, but definitely frequently) for YEARS, and yet we've never exchanged a single word until now. The world is so very weird. Social media is even weirder. But awesome.

*I think I might seriously drive 50 miles to the good grocery store tomorrow, entirely because I'm really sick of eating the same stuff all the time. Yet another reason that I really miss living in Orlando - The only thing I have to drive that far to get to from there is the beach.

I have allergies of doom today, so I'm going to end my list there and go watch the first part of last night's Bachelor episode. I know I usually blog about that show, but everyone is really boring so far this season, and to be honest I still can't tell most of the blondes apart. (Renee and Heidi are my picks, though.) I still have several more Orlando trip posts that I've been working on, I've just sucked at actually *finishing* anything lately!

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