Tuesday, February 18, 2014

New York Fashion Week Fall 2014 - Round 2!

Time for more New York Fashion Week goodness! Let me just tell you now - this post involves R2D2.

I will confess that the Alice + Olivia presentations pretty much always give me a fashion ladyboner. They're always so beautifully thought out and presented! This collection had a fairy tale theme, and I was totally smitten from the first few looks. It's a fantasy, but a wearable fantasy. Loved pretty much all of it.

I'm trying to decide how I feel about this Altuzarra shoe! My first reaction is that I like it, but if I look too long it feels like the shoe is sticking its tongue out at me. What do you guys think?

OMG, Badgley Mischka killed Kenny! Okay, maybe not, but I'm impressed that the model didn't fall off the runway in that thing. Then again, with temperatures as cold as they have been lately, I can almost see the appeal. This whole look is so weird - the way the sleeves come to a bell and then constrict around the forearms makes it look like she has super long wrists. The bracelets don't fit the overall tone. The swirly tights are kind of cool, but white hoisery always makes it look like you have super pale legs. Finally, the quilted (I think?) fabric of the skirt makes it look like it's been crumpled on the floor for a while. I just don't get this one.

Somehow, this stunning gown is from the same Badgley Mischka collection. I want to see this on a red carpet! I want to see this on me! This is amazeballs. The shape of the black section is so perfectly flattering. I would make out with this dress.

I love Anna Sui's shows. This one wasn't my favorite ever, but I still found a lot of things to love. Definitely digging the colors here!

I'm not the biggest fan of this look (also Anna Sui), but I spent a long time drinking it in visually, so I figure it's blogworthy. I wish there were detail photos for this collection! I can't quite figure out the hems on the pants, and I'd love to get a closer peek.

Still Anna Sui. I like the gold-ish tights with the white dress and leopard. There's something a little 1920s here, but I'm not sure if that's intentional.

I love this fun DVF dress. It's not exactly groundbreaking fashion, but it's playful and just a little out of the ordinary. Then again, I love pretty much anything that reminds me of the ocean.

So... Rodarte did a droid dress. This is rad.

Skirt close-up.

There's also a Death Star dress. Prefection.

More soon! So much fashion! I wish I could be quicker with my recaps, but it takes SO LONG to look at every single show. Plus, these posts rarely get comments - they're mostly an easy way for me to look back over my favorites from season to season, so I don't feel a huge rush.

Trends spotted so far? Embellished tights seem to be a big thing, as do sheer sleeves on tops and dresses. 

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