Sunday, February 23, 2014

New York Fashion Week Fall 2014 - Round 3!

Time for more NYFW highs and lows! Ready to start this post off with a bang?

At first glance, I was surprised to see how toned down this Betsey Johnson show was compared to her usual craziness. It was still super colorful, but not as off the wall and theatrical as usual. Still, I think hers would be one of the most fun shows to walk in! There was a long-sleeved version of this green dress that I think would be amazing for a Christmas party or other glittery night out, but I went for this outfit to post instead because I dig the orange otk socks and the purple loose-knit sweatery thing.

Lela Rose - You definitely need to click on this one to enlarge it and appreciate the detail  I still can't figure out if those are feathers or carefully manipulated fabric.

I adore this Marchesa Voyage dress! Did you ever do those little art things as a kid where you scratched away the top layer to reveal the rainbow colors beneath? That's what the top reminds me of.

It's so rare for me to like anything Michael Kors that I felt like this was worthy of posting. The only negative is that the ruffles appear to gather in a sort of unflattering way at the crotch. (Unless that's a thong? I think this actually has an opaque nude layer below the lace, since there are no visible nipples. Am I wrong?) Still, I can't believe that I like a Michael Kors dress this much.

I love this sort of retro Oscar de la Renta look! 

I feel like this Vivienne Tam look is a great example of how runway looks need to be mentally broken into pieces when you're looking for inspiration for your own wardrobe. The cool details of the shirt, the patterned tights, and the see-through lace skirt over a tunic-length top are each cool on their own, but thrown all together it's a lot for one outfit.

That's it for New York! I'm swamped with trying to get other things right now, but once I have some real free time, I look forward to diving into London, Paris and Milan!

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Tammy Woodall said...

Your right, for a Betsey Johnson show, these fashions were tame. However, the first one with the Blue Leopard Purse and socks, Green sequined dress, striped Orange Leggings, and what looks like Pink Furry Floaties - that outfit is a bit much. I really like a most of the other fashions, especially that dress which is white and combinations of blue. Your right - I don't know if those are feathers or fabric either.