Saturday, February 08, 2014

Pre-Fall Fashion Week Part 2

Given that Fall 2014 Fashion Week(s) are already underway, I realized I needed to get my act together and finish up my post about Pre-Fall! How depressing is it that designers are turning out entire collections faster than I can write about them?    Anyway, here's the rest of my picks for noteworthy pre-fall looks!

Absolutely in love with this dark Pamella Roland dress. Especially love the sheer arms.

The main theme of the collection was using animal print in an elegant way, and I'm impressed with how she pulled it off. (How stunning is this model, btw?)

What do you guys think of The Row's use of an unconventional model?

LOVE this Tracy Reese dress! So much love.

There's something about this Valentino cape thing that I really like. It's unusual, but simple at the same time. (Also, the shoes kick ass.)

Also Valentino - this is one of those looks where I'd really like to be like "What was your thought process here?" I feel like if it was *just* the mix of horizontal and chevron stripes on the sheer fabric, it would be really rad. But adding the bows and the collar added a level of wtf-ery that I'm not that into. Also, I'm fairly sure that Tim Gunn has said something about the fact that tea length looks good on no one over the age of about 5. Awkward length fail. This whole collection seemed to alternate between "Oh, that's a cool idea!" and "Hello, I am wearing your grandma's sofa cushions." At least it was interesting. (And HUGE! Who puts out a 78 piece pre-fall collection?!)

I liked this entire Roberto Cavalli collection, but there was no one look that stood out and made me want to post it as a representation. Although it has a cohesive theme, the collection felt a little disjointed, switching between stunning, slinky evening gowns and heavy looks you could almost picture appearing on Game of Thrones. I picked this one for that combination of leopard print and teal, as well as the shoes.

That's it for pre-fall! I am super excited to go dive into the current shows now! Are there any you're especially looking forward to?

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