Thursday, February 27, 2014

Publix Italian Days

Normal people go to Orlando and photograph Mickey. I take pictures of Publix.

You guys know that I love Publix to the point that being close to one is on my must-have attributes when apartment shopping. (The place that I was supposed to move to in September was within walking distance. I still mourn that!) I also love all of the snazzy savings events that they do, and right now they're doing their Publix Italian Days again! This one seems to pop up at least once a year, and it focuses on (duh) Italian food. It's running from Feb 20th (for those of you who can time travel) until March 5th, and savings on ingredients like Hunt's tomatoes and Pillsbury breads.

There are coupon displays in the stores, or you can print coupons from or save coupons to your digital Publix account here. Then you can make a bunch of delicious Italian food and bring me some! (Lots of cheese and bread, please! And maybe some wine?)

Disclosure: The information and a product package have been provided by Publix through Platefull Co-Op.

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Trixie said...

Oh cool, I'll check it out. I downloaded the Publix app to my phone and it's awesome. Tried the digital coupons for the first time on Monday and it WORKED. I was a skeptic. :) I love how consumer-friendly this store is.